Working Wednesday

Hi guys, I’m off to visit my favorite spot, West Pines today. Mom managed to get us an extra shift here before she leaves on vacation Friday [feel free to shame her for not taking me]. She mentioned something about ‘maybe’ not being able to post much during her 8 days away but she wasn’t sure. The plan was to prepare a few in advance but life got in the way and now she has to deal with a freezer that went outΒ last night before she leaves. I just hope my bones are okay.

So if you don’t hear from us, you’ll know mom is being held hostage in a backyard teepee by the ‘grands.’ Make it a great Hump Day.

Live, love, bark 🐾

59 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. Oh, I don’t like when my huMom goes away…not one bit.
    Hope for dog sakes it goes by quickly for you Elsa & Sam.
    You will understand my good dog manners when I wish your mom a wagnificent time.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  2. OMD!!!! HOW FUNS!!!! You take lots and lots and lots of pics, and have a safe trip!!! and don’t forgets ~ don’t do anything I wouldn’t do while your Moms is away…heheheheeeeeee
    Ruby β™₯

  3. Have a great, relaxing time! We will still be here when you get back!
    Oh No about your freezer. What a hassle! Good that it didn’t do it when you were away though!

    1. Not sure if there will be much relaxing, but there will be loads of fun. Luckily Lowe’s took pity on me and delivered a nice freezer today. Hopefully everything will be fine even if a bit thawed. 🀞🏼

  4. tell Mom to have a great time on vacation!! We aren’t going to be around much…..step daughter is having major surgery (3 in one) tomorrow………out of town company coming in as a result……we’ll see ya when we see ya!

  5. I was reading too fast and I thought I saw that you were planning an 8 day vacation at West Pines. Of course my first question was…well, why NOT bring the pups. Then I had some coffee and figured out what was going on. Have a good vacay and have lots of fun. I’m told that absence makes the Spoo hearts grow fonder.

  6. What on earth would your Mom have to blog about if you aren’t with her, Sam? Hope nothing gets ruined (especially your bones) with the freezer down. PS Remind your Mom to stay away from rattlesnakes and poison ivy.

  7. Don’t work too hard, but bring on lots of smiles on your visit.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Enjoy your vacation! Hope everything gets resolved before you have to leave. I just learned yesterday that hubby and I have a new granddaughter as of late Monday night. Can’t wait to meet her!

  9. I can’t wait to be invited to Sam and Elsa’s wild house party while the adult is away! This is gonna be awesome! I’ll bring Mitzi along as my date…

  10. Oh, sorry mom can’t take you. Being left behind feels upsetting so 🐝 sure to take ten naps a day.

    Happy trails to your mom.

    Tail wags,
    Deborah from Dog Leader Mysteries

  11. Hope you visit to West Pines went well today and that your mom has an amazing vacation. Something tells me she is not going to be upset about being held hostage by those little humans she calls grandkids. Oh, btw, I really think she should take you too. You’d enjoy those grands just as much as she does. Shame on her for not taking you. πŸ˜‰

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