The weather isn’t the only thing changing around the Ranch. Our new e-shop is open. The intent was to post the news with a flourish of trumpets and angels singing.

The ‘shop’ Sam’s K9 Kreations is open. Sort of. That sound accompanying it isn’t so much trumpets, think more like a couple of out-of-tune kazoos. And the angels…I’m sure I heard the heavens snickering. *Sigh*

Earlier this week I created a simple “Pay Button” (courtesy of those nice folks at WordPress) and began beta testing to make sure it worked. It did in fact, but it became crystal clear that the blog needed to be upgraded to allow for customization which wasn’t possible to sell CBD oil along with other items. It looked and felt much like a kid’s cardboard lemonade stand. On the third weekend. So, I bit the bullet, upgraded the blog and with that upgrade began a crash course on customization in e-commerce. That sound you are hearing now is much like the sound of a plane dive-bombing into the ocean.

If you are familiar with the WooCommerce platform (or any other e-commerce tool), I bow down before you. The installation of plugins, reinstallation of photos and descriptions (plus other elements not seen but necessary to keep the wheels on) made conversion from the simple pay button page to WooCommerce one heck of a mind-sucking exercise. In my case it’s like a blind pilot is behind the steering wheel of that plane headed for the ocean.

After birthing this elephant sized cluster, it appears to be up and operational but there are issues with appearance that are affecting the blog (who knew there was so much behind the scenes online). As I become more proficient on the deets of e-commerce (please Gawd, let. me. become. proficient), you will likely see some changes to our blog header and the theme (which, lucky me…does not lend itself to supporting an e-storefront). There’ll be tinkering and consulting with professionals today, tomorrow and for many days in the future regarding the inner workings and appearance elements, so I apologize in advance if it messes up your internal brain-compass juju like it has mine. Changing the appearance affects me much like changes in the dogs’ routine. In other words, we kind of hobble around until we catch our stride.

Long story short, you can now purchase the Black Dog Botanicals CBD oil I’ve been touting lately (which comes in two strengths-300 mg and 600 mg. Other products (the handmade greeting cards like the ones posted on Instagram), pet accessories and organic treats will begin showing up as we move forward. In the meantime, pray for me. I’m simultaneously terrified and excited about this new endeavor. But understand I’m clearly no Jeff Bezos and this here shop ain’t no Amazon. If I haven’t scared you off yet, visit the “Sam’s K9 Kreations” page to the right of our “Home” page. Here’s hoping the news the angels begin singing a bit soon.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

56 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Congrats!! I was hoping your bandanas would be on there, and see that they will. yay! I plan on starting something like this over the winter. I’m not sure if you’ve encouraged or discouraged me (I don’t have a clue where to start). LOL. Can I consult you for advice? 🙂

    1. I’d be more than happy to offer any advice. I can as easily direct you in the wrong direction as anyone. LOL Seriously, I was blown away by how helpful the WordPress folks were who talked me off the ledge more than once. Holler whenever you get ready to move in the e-commerce direction.

  2. Congratulations on the new venture – or should that be adventure. Anyway, I wish you and Sam well and send hugs to my favourite Ninja.

    1. Thank you. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with folks on another level.

  3. Let Bezos be Bezos.

    You do you. And that, is gonna be dyno-mite! Sorry, I was channeling Jimmy Walker when I first read this. And for any kids reading this comment? Jimmy Walker was an original cool nerd.

    YAY to Sam’s K-9 Kreations!

    1. Thank you, Marco. Appreciate the well wishes and especially the JW channeling. We’ve got our fingers crossed the ‘good times are gonna roll!’

  4. I feel your pain. In an effort to elevate my business I switched from the WP dot com platform to their dot Org. Oh the plug-ins, lol. But I have faith you’ll figure it out relatively quickly. Congrats on the store opening! Sending wishes that business increases and goes well for years to come.

  5. I was wondering why, when I posted my comment yesterday, that I got a “Submitting Comment” message like I do on self hosted blogs. Now I see why… and even notice the WP dashboard at the top of the page is gone. Good luck on the new venture!

  6. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, Turn and face the strange – Davie Bowie.
    Congrats on getting your eCommerce page set up. And even more congrats for having the tenacity to work through all the geeky details that make the engine run behind the scene. Best of luck! Although we get our CBD from a local shop our friends run I will be checking back often to see when your under construction areas are up and running for stocking stuffers.

  7. Congratulations and best of wishes. Our frustration level shut us out years ago, but our admiration for you is huge.

    1. Thank you. It’s gonna be a long slog I think, every hour I find something else that either doesn’t work or needs some sort of massaging. #Firstworldproblems.

    1. Thank you, it’s all very exciting, terrifying and frustrating. It’ll probably take a while to sort out the hiccups. Sure is different than running a hardware store like I did ’87’ years ago. Have a terrific weekend!

        1. 😍 I’m practicing a whole lot of meditation and deep breathing. You always want things to go well with something like this, but if they don’t it isn’t the end of the world.

  8. Congratulations on the launch of the next Amazon. I’ll be proud to say I knew ya way before Poodle Monetization Day (PMD)! I have total faith in your ability to succeed beyond expectations. Can’t wait for the catalog to include beer. 🙂 My one small advice type thing is something you already said was in the works – get a really talented web creator with specific e-commerce/shopfront skills on the team – well worth it in time and money saved! Now, get out there and have a hostile take over or two!

    1. The only hostility is me dealing with bugs. Ugh. Thanks for the well wishes. This is gonna be like birthing an elephant. It took me 6 weeks to pick a theme when I started the blog, and now I need to revamp to accommodate an e- store. Oy.

  9. Congratulations. We hope all your hard work pays off for you. Hang in there – it is looking great to us.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that once I know what I’m doing (or more likely what I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing, I’ll be glad. Till then…growing pains.

  10. Wooftastic work!
    We now accept the fact when ever we make changes to our blog or Shopify store there will be a lesson or 6 we will have to learn😉
    What’s that saying huMom always uses, “Learning is a life long journey.”

    💜nose nudges💜

    1. Thank you-still trying to get the coding right (some elements aren’t working today after all. 😡 When it comes to technology…it’s usually an exercise in how to lose one’s hair.

    1. LOL…I wouldn’t know the first thing about cat toys. Still trying to iron out various coding problems. More developed this morning. Ugh-technology.

  11. wow you’ve been busy. I would not be able to do all that. Congratulations on such a big accomplishment! Would this product help Milo relax during ear hair plucking?

    1. It’s an ongoing exercise in how to go crazy. 😊 If Milo is anxious then I’d say yes. Have your tried that powder groomers use that basically brittle-izes making it simple to pull out?

  12. You are a brave soul. I’ve done some stuff on my blog but I get frustrated and the computer looks like it would be fun to toss through the window onto the lawn. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, I nearly tossed the laptop out the window last night. Trust me when I say I share your pain.

    1. Umm…the changes of that happening are slim and next to nothing…and slim left town last week.

  13. Congratulations, that’s huge! I am so limited in my abilities, just setting up the blog and putting up my first post was a major ordeal for me! I still have trouble with plug ins and it takes me forever to figure out something new. Hats off to you for taking the leap!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Thanks. I know only too well my technology shortcomings-the blog alone has been an on-the-job learning experience with a healthy dose of hard-knock training. 😊

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