Monday Musings ~ May 15, 2023

We hope all you moms had a lovely Mother’s Day. Now it’s time to begin a new week.

Today is another soggy Monday for the Ranch Hands and it seemed like a good time to share a smile from our favorite sign maker, Vince from Indian Hills. Back in 2019 we started sharing some of Vince’s funnier/punnier signs. And if you are interested in some historical background about Vince, we shared a bit of it here.


There’s nothing better than a good groaning pun to start out the week. May smiles abound for you and you make this Monday extra special.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

52 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ May 15, 2023

    1. Can’t help myself, but am a total sucker for puns. The more of a groaner, the better. LOL Have a great rest of the week yourself and a good bum scratch for everyone who likes ’em.

    1. Thanks-hope your day was equally special. It truly is hard to believe the speed at which this year is moving.

    1. {Snicker} Happy Monday-may the week provide loads of groans, er…smiles. πŸ˜†

    1. Happy Monday to you as well! I love starting out the week with a good groaner. 🀣

      1. Thank you. Was my first day on the job and I’m already pretty darn sure I will be happy there!.
        Groaners are always good, no matter what!

        1. So glad to hear the first day went well. Keep it up and you’ll thrive professionally in that kind of environment. Hugs and best wishes.

          1. Thank you. Day two was pretty cool. Actually went to a “Official Summer Opening” show at the Old Port with all the kiosks showing what’s available this summer. Man, I live in a cool town πŸ˜‰
            Tomorrow morning, I’m going back to the old port to meet and greet passengers getting off a cruise ship! Woot!

            1. Outstanding! So glad the new gig is turning out to be such a good fit for you. Sounds like it’s just perfect for your talents.

    1. Thank you. I used to drive past that sign whenever I went to my daughter’s house. Some days I had to pull over; he is just too clever and funny. Hope you guys are doing well.

    1. He’s definitely got as terrific sense of humor in a serious world. πŸ˜‰

    1. You got that right. Nearly 4″ of the wet stuff in the past week. Basements are flooded and roofs are leaking. It’s crazy! I’ll ask the weather gods to send some your way.

  1. You made me laugh out loud. A good thing.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to handsome Norman and a big hug to you. β™₯

    1. So glad that tickled your funny bone. Vince’s signs always me chuckle. Thanks for adding our link to your Monday post. We so appreciate it.

  2. When we livedin France there was a conservation zoo nearby.When closed in winter the wallabies went into a barn complex nearby. They escaped. A friend, driving home late at night and the worse for wear, saw a line of them crossing the road ahead of him…….you can imagine his reaction!

    1. Oh my heavens! That’d give you pause and perhaps make you think seriously about giving up on imbibing on spirits and beer. 🦘

    1. Isn’t it a hoot? Made us smile, that’s for sure. Have a super Monday.

    1. He just cracks me up. I love the irreverence. There’s nothing funny about political signs.

  3. happy mom day to your bestest mom. we know a lot about that small roo’s… we had one here what escaped… it caused 87 car accidents or more because all were shocked or/and tried to take photos and videos while driving… well.. bretons ;O)))

    1. Holy wallaby! I can totally imagine the shock of passersby. That’s too wild (and stupid to drive and video a wild sight).

  4. Lulu: “Happy belated Mother’s Day to your Mama and all the other Mamas of human and furry kids!”
    Java Bean: “Our Dada said to say ‘ba-dum tssss!’ after reading that sign. We have no idea what he is talking about.”

    1. Hahaha, I totally get why your Dada said that. Good one, fur-kids. Happy Monday.

    1. That’s the beauty of puns. And Vince does both well. Happy Monday!

    1. Any day of the week, I’m totally down with Vince’s humor. 😊

  5. Willoughby Wallaby Woo, the elephants at on me. Willoughby Wallaby Woo, the elephant sat on you. πŸ™‚. Thanks for the chuckle to start my week. Nothing like a good chuckle from down under to start the day, eh what?

    1. Chuckles make this world tolerable when we most need it. Hope your week is full of chuckles and good cheer. Happy Monday, Mike.

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