2016 Pet Therapy Awards

Bashful flirting with Wee Britt and her lovely mom, Katherine.
Bashful flirting with Wee Britt and her lovely mom, Katherine.

Sam here. We had our pet therapy awards program over the weekend and I got to bring a guest. Bashful was my *plus 1* for this shindig and boy he was a hit. Our fur-iend, Wee Britt and her mom Katherine happily posed with Bashful. This year Britt was awarded the Bronze Paw which means she had over 50 visits (you can read about when we received our Bronze Paw here). We were a little shy of the next level (100) but we should easily hit it soon in plenty of time for next year’s bash. Isn’t Wee Britt just as cute as a button?

Our fur-iends, Mary Ann & Teddy
Our fur-iends, Mary Anne & Teddy


Also at our award program was our sweet friend Teddy and his mom Mary Anne. They moved out of town so we don’t get to see them as often but it was great getting petted by Mary Anne and her friend Mike, who always lavish me with attention. Teddy is so tiny, I nearly stepped on him, but he he let me know I’m a bit of an oaf was a good sport about it (sorry dude 😇)

Bashful was polite and sweet and then he kind of became a pill once people finished lunch and began to leave. Mom was distracted because she was helping with the clean up after our lunch and didn’t realize Bashful didn’t make it back into her bag. We got half-way home and realized “uh-oh, someone is missing.” ARGH!!!!!

We needed to drive back to the venue like a bat outa hell so we pulled a gigantic U-y in the middle of the street leaving rubber behind and returned to the *scene of the crime* hoping the head honchos were still there and the doors not locked. Mom kept ranting HBO words in the car while we flew down the road. Wayne quietly sat there and I kept thinking how in the heck did that little rascal worm his way out of our paws?

Roxanne and Little One with award acknowledging Lily's long service
Roxanne and Little One with award acknowledging Lily’s long service

Luckily for my mom, the powers to be were still there and they knew exactly why my mom was there the minute she ran screaming like a banshee into the room. Our sweet friend, Roxanne and her adorable greyhound Little One (her other greyhound, Lily received a posthumous award for over 700 visits even though Lily passed away a few months ago unexpectedly) said she knew exactly why we was there and had Bashful all ready for us.  She even gave us another goodie bag of treats for me! Isn’t she the best?

Whew…that was a close one. Little Bashful was reminded to not scare us on the way home and he promised he would be good. I sure hope so…we’re hoping to take him with us to the hospital later this afternoon. Gulp.

Keep your fingers and paws crossed that mom doesn’t misplace him again or let him get into any mischief. Folks warned us about that little scamp being wily and boy were they right!

Live, love, bark! <3

46 thoughts on “2016 Pet Therapy Awards

  1. Hahaha! My human mommy speaks HBO too. 😉 Glad you successfully retrieved bashful, and I really enjoyed reading about all of your pet therapy friends and their accomplishments.

  2. Do you know how LONG it took me to figure out you were talking about a ROCK? I thought it was a dog and that Mom forgot the Dog. Oy vey, I need to try and stay on top of things better. LOL

  3. That Bashful is one slippery stone for sure!! We are glad everyone was reunited!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Shakes my head. That little guy – you turn your head for one itsy bitsy moment and he will roll right off for an adventure. I just know he was in love with everyone and maybe had a special place in his eye for Britt. I’m sure of it! Now you tell the little guy that his daddy Bacon said to behave! Snorts and oinks. XOXO – Bacon

      1. This could be true. Wee Britt might have reminded him of Houdini. Houdini here loves to play with Bashful and carries him everywhere. They love playing hide and go seek. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Reblogged this on Piglove and commented:
    Oh dear! My little tyke is already making trouble. Shakes my piggy head. Where did I go wrong? Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

      1. Hey – no stress and no problems. Trust me, the little guy has a mind of his own. We have learned that from his travels. Don’t sweat it okay my friends. One time he got away from my mom at our local Wally World. Mom had 1/2 the store looking for him and they finally found him in the frozen food section licking strawberry pies. Shaking my head. I don’t know where he gets this from. HA HA HA XOXO – Bacon

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the paw-ty until you lost Bashful. Geeze. Those little ones can be sneaky. Glad you realized he was missing before you got too far down the road. Hope your trip to the hospital was only full of good times.

  7. Bashful probably wanted to clean up all the crumbs and leftover goodies from the party. I hope he is better behaved at work,

    Love and licks,

  8. Bashful probably like the event and waited for the after pawty :o) I bet he told Wee Britt a lot about Houdini… and maybe Britt is in love now with the little pup of the Howltel Thompson?

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