Monday Musings ~ January 6, 2020

Good happy Monday, everyone. Elsa here. We hope you had a swell weekend. I kind of got into a spot of trouble yesterday by stealing some chicken jerky for us off the counter (it was on top of that jar you can barely see in the upper left corner) while mom had her back to us for a second. It was just sitting there at the back of the counter as she turned to put away the container. Well, that’s practically an engraved invitation to try so I did what any poodle would do…I jumped up and snarfed both pieces. Sam of course, ratted me out. Doggone brother!

Sam & Elsa

On my afternoon walk, mom put this contraption on me and said, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” I guess that means I now have to pack my own lunch.

Working for my lunch

We hope you have a great week. Now that the holidays are over, mom says things will go back to ‘normal.’ What exactly is normal for poodles?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

84 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ January 6, 2020

  1. Elsa and Luke are two of a kind! I’ve lost more bread and sandwiches by only turning my back or walking a short distance away for a minute!

  2. Good job foraging, Elsa! Your mom obviously made it easy, so it must have been OK. I hope Sam got some after all. As for the pack, well, we always made our mastiffs carry their own water that way. I was carrying water for 4 kids and just couldn’t do it all. They didn’t mind, and I suspect you won’t either, after you get used to it. Maybe mom will pack a treat in there, too!

    1. Treats, doody bags water, she’s got everything in those pouches. I’m wondering if it isn’t some kind of Tardis box for dogs!

  3. Pack your own lunch?!? You have it rough… And we applaud your initiative in preventing Sam from stealing the jerky!

  4. Dear Elsa,

    I think you were lucky with that jerky. See, the one time I decided to steal a piece of meat I paid big time. Iain, my two-legged brother, loves to cook. He put a nice piece of meat on the counter and other stuff. It’s the other stuff that caused me trouble. He likes things really. I mean REALLY spicy. Oh. My. God! My mouth was on fire forever. Heck, I didn’t take anything off the counter for years. ‘Til about seven months ago. Aidan, my other 2-legged brother left a fine piece of chicken parm sandwich. He just left it there for 15 minutes! What was I supposed to do? I took it. Turns out it was his girlfriend’s and she was quite sad about it. Mom didn’t punish me or anything, telling them they were foolish for just leaving it there for so long… I dunno if I’ll ever take another chance, though. I think I was just lucky that time…

    What? Your Mom is making you carry stuff now? Is that your punishment?

    Your friend,


    1. Yo Zeke. Us dogs have such a burden with peeps who leave food out to tempt us. You ask me, we’re doing them a favor. Some peeps are better being educated by us master trainers. 😇

        1. We sure try, though some of ‘us’ seem to get a head start before others. You’re up bright and early this morning. 😍

    1. Being shorter can be a disadvantage. Maybe you guys are more like a 4-legged Roomba? 😍

    1. Eek, my mom would freak out if I ate even a morsel of chocolate. Hope it didn’t give you a belly ache.

    1. It was only unattended for a nanosecond. And it was chicken jerky for crying out loud. What’s a hungry girl supposed to do? ☺️ P.S. I’m hungry all the time.

  5. Seems to me you by-passed the system “you’ve been a good girl, here have a BIT of Chicken Jerky” and gone directly to the source. That kind of works for me. I’m very sorry, Sam, but if my most favourite Ninja did it, well it just has to be right…….

    1. Sam says you probably shouldn’t encourage me. He’s just jealous that I didn’t share the goods with him.

    1. I’m never gonna miss an opportunity to filch something as tasty as chicken jerky. 😆 Ever!

  6. Elsa, it seems that snarfing chicken off the counter is what’s “normal” for poodles. Next time, share with your brother and he might not rat you out!

        1. That’s a good one. Mom says it’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Except when it applies to us dogs! 🤣

  7. Elsa, at least you stole something you could actually HAVE. Misty snitched some of Mom’s chocolate-covered peanut butter balls right before Christmas. Luckily there were no bad effects.

    Bet that jerky was tasty.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. Yikes! So far I haven’t done that. But I’ve managed to filch a lot of stuff. I like roaming her pantry-especially when there’s sweet potatoes. I love eating those things almost as much as reading glasses 🤓

  8. Mew mew mew packed lunch Elsa??? Too funny! You do look styin inn yore mew outfit!
    An Sam yore apposta to have yore Sistur’ss back…umm wait maybee Elsa shuud have shared THE jerky with you?!?!
    Lookin guud you two!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

    1. He’s too slow to have even gotten even a morsel (maybe I’m just too fast-I mean it was one of my favorite treats after all). You snooze, you lose, right? 🤣

  9. Mom can’t get to angry with you. We all know that leaving food in your reach is an engraved invitation. It’s moms fault and she knows it. I’ve been guilty of the same thing many times. You’ve got to be smarter than the pups.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays as always.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. A trainer recommended using the pack as giving dogs a job. I just didn’t realize the trainer meant me!

  10. The chicken jerky I use has only 1 ingredient–chicken breast. I prefer it doesn’t get stolen, simply because I ddon’t want to be constantly buying more. I have several fosters, so 1 piece per dog adds up, even tho there are 60 or more strips per 1 lb jar. It also comes in chips about the size of a silver dollar, well over 100 per jagt. Sometimes I get a couple of the chip jars and take them to my local shellter.

    1. Ours is also one ingredient. Mom uses it to give us CBD drops in between my anti-seizure meds. Both Sam and I love it, me in particular. Mom has made jerky in a dehydrator at times to cut down on the costs too. Super easy, especially when the chicken is on sale. 😉

  11. Your story, Elsa, reminds me of an incident with our Sally, when we were still living in Karnes County. She used to grab bread, even if it was still in its cellophane wrap, from the kitchen table and munch on it. So we decided to keep it on top of a fairly tall chest of drawers in the kitchen, hoping she wouldn’t be able to get at it. In fact, she couldn’t, but – clever as she was – she must have persuaded one of te kitties to jump up there and throw the bread down. At least, that’s what we surmised when we found the torn package on the kitchen floor with the bread half eaten and Sally with her most innocent face looking at us. 😉
    A great week to you all, too,

    1. BOL! Ooh, I wish I had a kittie accomplice. Sam just blinks at me when I try to get him involved.

  12. Hey girl, I get it! Your mom turned her back which obviously meant she didn’t want the jerky, so of course you took it! Must have been hard to get up there too, instead of cheering for you doing extreme sports she fussed at you, and put you in a straight jacket. Hey…. maybe you can carry goodies in that backpack…. Mama has mentioned getting one for me too… how do you like it?
    Milo, the other black poodle thief (I got some appetizers left out on plain view on the coffee table)

    1. Funny thing is I haven’t done that for a long time. Mom caught on and started putting things at the back of the counter. I didn’t even knock over the jar or make any noise.

      Mom really likes the backpack; a trainer told her it was good to give dogs a job. It holds bags and in the summer should carry a small water bottle. I’m not so sure about it, but I’m doing well after a couple of wearings so I must be getting used to it.

      Paw bump to a fellow poodle thief. 👍🏻

    1. Sure seems that way. Not sure I’m all that keen on schlepping stuff for my mom.

    1. Apparently. The fact that it was deliberately placed at the back of the counter was no problem. She didn’t even knock over the jar. Rotten Ninja!

      1. One time I barricaded some cooked chicken behind some dishes. The chicken was still in the pan. When I got back not one of the dishes or pan was knocked over, but the chicken was gone. I hope Luke at least shared with his sister at the time. LOL

        1. The funny part is Elsa has never knocked anything over. How she manages to eat stuff without doing it especially way back on the counter is beyond me. She really is a Ninja!

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