Monday Musings ~ November 29, 2021

Happy Monday, peeps. Hopefully our U.S. readers have recovered from any food comas and everyone else had  ‘furbulous’ adventures over the weekend. We’re back from our travels and are ready to resume our regular routine. [Free translation = insanity since the end of the year seems to be well-packed with loads of activities and commitments].

Norman is clean as a whistle and ready for new adventures at hospital. He’s prepared to bring lots of smiles to nurses and patients. Over the weekend on our walk, he couldn’t help but wonder why a few people didn’t stop to receive his special kind of therapy.


Here’s wishing your last Monday this month is a good one and as you enter December, you are set to enjoy this wondrous time of year. For our Jewish friends, we send you our very best Chanukah wishes. Whichever holiday season you celebrate, make it great.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

62 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 29, 2021

    1. Thanks, Frank. He really went to the mat yesterday bringing joy and smiles to loads of patients and healthcare workers.

    1. Sometimes just a soft look or nose nudge makes a huge difference to the receiver. Norman did both yesterday and brought some joy and a few peaceful moments to cancer patients.

  1. You always find great cartoons! Happy beginning of December to you! December always bring me cheer. My birthday is in the beginning of December. I just don’t know how it came so fast!

    1. Thanks. That was a lucky find. Happy early birthday. My daughter’s birthday is in mid-December and my mom’s was Christmas Day. We had such great celebrations.

  2. Glad your Thanksgiving was memorable. Now everything is normal once again,…normal? At this time of year?? Well, maybe by January, LOL!

    Norman had a good workday, too, that is great how he can bring some smiles into those lives…and that s a cute cartoon. Right up your alley!

    1. The cartoon seemed perfect today. Yeah, thanksgiving had a bit of a hiccup (car meets deer, deer loses) but no humans were injured. Being with family was the balm for it.

      1. Oh, NO! Deer can be such thoughtless creatures, hogging the road and not having their lights on so we can see them. I see way too many deer at night when I go home form my work…after ten years, I have had some close calls, but no hits, thankfully.

        1. I’d never had an encounter before either but driving at dusk seems to bring them out of the woodwork. I must have seen nearly 2 dozen who’d been hit. So sad, they are such pretty creatures.

    1. Our pleasure. It seemed so apropos since we were going to be doing a session of pet therapy today. 😊 Happy Monday!

  3. Mew mew mew Sweet Norman if wee lived there an BellaSita walked bye yore place an you barked to her; shee wuud come rite over an meow all her trubbless to you 😉
    Shee sorta usess mee like a Therapee Kitty butt mee iss not a grate lissener (sorry….)
    Yore comck iss funny an true….
    Thanx fore Chanukkah wishess!
    Let mee send you Chanukkkah ****kissess**** Sweet Norman/
    ***purrss*** to you to elsa an Miss Monika an <3 BellaSita Mum

  4. We didn’t overeat or gain weight on Thanksgiving. I know that’s surprising, but we watch our intake very closely.

    Love the funny. I laughed out loud.

    I’d love to love on clean Norman.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. He always smells soooo good after a bath. But alas, he could care less (although he’s been enjoying the extra attention). 😉

  5. Hard to believe it’s the end of November. 2022 will soon be here. Adam is all recovered and spent the the Thanksgiving holiday with us, along with his younger brother. It was a great Thanksgiving this year. Hope yours was good and you have a good Christmas season, too. Enjoy your busy week with Stormin’ Norman!

    1. I’m so glad Adam has recovered and was able to spend the holiday with you. I was thinking of you guys as we we’re getting ready this morning.

    1. That’s the same look I get from Norman! He cannot fathom why he was ignored. Too funny.

  6. Super cartoon….and a lot cheaper than going to a shrink.
    Smoked fish again today…we made way too much….this time smoked fish and goat cheese souffle to see off the end of it!

      1. Poisson en papillotte de Gitanes mais?
        No, Leo went mad on seeing the price for middle cuts of horse mackerel, so we brined the lot and loaded up the smoker – which has its own shed – with green guava wood next day and smoked it. Carting it all down to the shed I began to wonder whether he had bought Moby Dick…Luckily it freezes well!

        1. At least we all now know the answer to “What’s for dinner?” at the Devries household. I’ve never used green guava for smoking – always well dried stuff from patches of trees we’d clear in Hawaii. Horse mackerel in Japanese is “aji” and it’s also definitely among the top choices at sushi bars around here. Goes for $6.00 for 2 small pieces.

            1. Outstanding! Thank you for sharing that recipe. I am completely smitten with goat’s cheese anything!

    1. Thanks, it made me smile and is absolutely spot on whenever Norman encounters anyone on our walks.

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