Monday Musings – April 4, 2016

Sam found this photo to express his thoughts on the whole grooming process. How does your ‘baby’ deal with the groomer? Hope you had a super weekend. Spring has arrived again in the 303…let’s hope it stays for a while this time.


Live, love, bark! <3

32 thoughts on “Monday Musings – April 4, 2016

  1. It’s even worse for birds. There are some (not with this bird) who get their feathers clipped so they can’t fly. That’s like tying all four paws together of a greyhound.

  2. Aaww Sam buddy – I feel you. I really do. I don’t go to the groomers. Mom gives me baths here at the Hotel Thompson. But that Houdini here. Let me tell you – that dog *loves* his spa day. He gets five women to swoon all over him, bubble baths, massages and did I mention the love, the oohhs and the aawws and the cuddles from being carried everywhere. Now that dog has the life I’m telling you. XOXO – Bacon

  3. Ray has never been to a groomer. He gets brushed and has his nails ground regularly, neither of which does he like… but he tolerates the process as long as there is a constant supply of carrot and celery pieces!

  4. I don’t take Tippy to the groomer either. She really only needs a good bath every once in a while, which I give her. I did have the vet trim her nails the last time we were there. She was NOT pleased with that procedure at all.

      1. With her, it’s more like, “Don’t you dare touch my toes!” look and growl. She’ll let me hold her paws, but she did NOT like having her nails clipped.

          1. She does run on concrete and asphalt, so they really don’t get too long. I just thought it was funny because she could have cared less about anything else they did to her, including getting a stool sample, but the toes! Oh my!

  5. that’s how we look at the vets.
    The groomers left Cole shell shocked so I learned how to do it myself. DH bathes him, and I become Edward Scissorhands.

  6. I only go to the groomer to get my nails cut. They always tell Mom I’m the happiest dog they see all day. Sometimes it’s hard for them to work because of all the tail wagging and kissing. Once I kissed the glasses right off the man’s face! Mom gives me a bath in the tub at home. That’s a different story.

    Love and licks,

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