Goats of Tipperary?



Recently I was cleaning up in the garden and lo and behold, what do I see? Seems like the  goats (make that goat) of Tipperary had arrived. Grass I understand…all dogs eat grass but seriously…gnawing on woody plants?!






Dear lord, this dog gets goofier by the day. What’s the strangest thing your pup has chewed on? I know some of you still have Old Man Winter visiting as the guest who can’t seem to leave but hopefully you will have spring-like weather soon. Then maybe ‘goats’ will arrive in your ‘hood.



Live, love, bark! <3





33 thoughts on “Goats of Tipperary?

  1. Oh for goodness sakes! If you are talking about Delilah…I’d need a bit of time. LOL

    Sampson chewed a foot bar on my breakfast bar and the feet of a coat rack when he was a puppy. Our old beagle chewed my tube of hand cream. 🙂

  2. Tippy used to gnaw on trees too. I swore she was part beaver! The worst thing she did was chew up my glasses I had left laying where she could reach them. Had to get a new pair, which included an eye exam, so that was an expensive “meal.”

      1. I don’t know. The glasses may have had sweat on them, as I had been running, I think. So, it could have been the salt from that. I had to go ahead and wear them, scratched and all, until I could get a new pair. LOL

  3. Shadow once swallowed my Dad’s hearing aid – battery included! She grabbed it right out of his lap, the little stinker! She was all of 6 months old! Luckily, I was able to get hold of Pet Poison Control and they told me to give her a bowl of milk with some Hydrogen Peroxide in it, which would get her to bring it back up. Sure enough, within about 2 minutes, up and out came the intact hearing aid, some small sticks, and a few other pieces of yard trash. She didn’t feel too well the rest of the day, but she was fine the next morning. Crazy dog!

          1. She was small back then, but if I remember correctly it was a bowl of milk and a tbsp of peroxide. Of course it was nearly 11 years ago and my memory is nowhere near as good as it was back then. 🤔

  4. All manners of plants: Portia has a penchant for my succulents and sage; Ottie prefers grass looking plants (and yesterday regurgitated a ball of something green I preferred not to inspect too closely).

  5. Oh, Sam! Those sticks do not even look delicious. My favorite forbidden snack is the goose “candy” in the field by my house. They leave me tons of delicious treats in the grass, but Mom says the word, “Leave it.” and “That’s disgusting.”

    Love and licks,

  6. When Dakota was young (less than a year old), he ate part of a plastic CD case (and was FINE!!) He also chewed through (and destroyed) a cell phone of mine (before I had an iphone). Luckily I caught him before he got to the battery….but……..the phone was BRAND NEW (Less than a week old), and I didn’t have phone insurance. Lesson learned……….(Oh and he was fine from that too!) DakotasDen

    1. Yipes…yes, lucky indeed, at least for Dakota’s health sake. Sorry about the uninsured phone. My OES chewed up a brand spanking new Bluetooth the day after it was delivered but at least Visa covered it. 😉

  7. maybe that’s the canine way of “knock on wood” for good luck? Easy ate sponge bob once… and although he puked it on my lap on the way to the vet I had to pay for the complete er-team what was ready to act… on a sunday… what else… but I was happy anyway, that the pup was ok :o)

  8. My dogs specialize in chewing anything that has my scent on it…which can get expensive. Sticks do not qualify.

  9. wood in any form is very good, I especially like clean tissues right from the box. Mulch will do in a pinch but a stick right in the ground? lucky… Cole

  10. Snorts with piggy laughter. Gnawing on wood – awesome buddy! Let’s see, I once ate a sponge – don’t ask but it’s funny now – not so much when it happened. Houdini chewed on mom’s new mahogany fireplace in one corner – we know where it’s at. He almost became the world’s smallest rug over that one – HA! XOXO – Bacon

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