Monday Musings – April 11, 2016



Hope you had a terrific weekend and that any ‘shedding’ was well worth it! Happy Monday.




Live, love, bark! <3

20 thoughts on “Monday Musings – April 11, 2016

  1. Shedding doesn’t bother me any more after more than 11 years of living with Callie and Shadow. 🙂 I could have made a sweater for myself if I’d kept all the hair that Callie shed just by herself! My sweet fur angel had some LONG hairs. Shadow’s hair isn’t as short as Ducky’s, but it’s nowhere near as long as Callie’s was. Geez, I miss that sweet girl!

    1. When Puck crossed the bridge (my female OES), I snipped a lock of her hair as a remembrance and took a paw print in plaster. Whenever I see them I smile knowing she is still in my heart. Even after 5 years, I swear there’s some of her fur on a couple black pants even tho the OES’s are similar to poodles in the shedding dept. ღ

  2. I had a lab, shedding was constant, and a poodle with no shedding at all. I learned you either have to vacuum or groom, but you will have to do something either way. The non shedding is better on allergies though! And for lazy sorts like me who neglect the vacuum. LeeAnna

      1. HA! That little guy Houdini does his share along with the purr things indeed. And yes I even shed once a year. Amazing huh? XOXO – Bacon

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