Monday Musings – May 2, 2016


Hope you had a ‘killer’ of a weekend.

Live, love, bark! <3

24 thoughts on “Monday Musings – May 2, 2016

  1. If only ‘someone’ would limit her killer wrath to squeaky toys and not all the living things. (well, I’m good with the cats)

  2. In the Thatcher era, working in the field of employment law, it was my delight to stop at the pet shop on my way home on Friday evenings to buy Thatcher squeaky toys then watch delightedly while the terriers tore the heads from them…pure sublimation.

      1. OOOOOOH! What other poliiticans are available to destuff and de-squeeeel? It sounds like a money-making plan to me.

  3. that was written for Cole. Still laughing. His new goal in life is to watch me replace squeakers, dig them out at any cost and destroy them.

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