Treats for Lexi Day

Sam here. Because I’m a therapy dog like Lexi was, my first treat to share in her honor, is little Brooklyn who we saw at the hospital. She was super excited to see me and I’m sure she’d be tickled pink to have had Miss Lexi visit with her.

And my next “favoritest” treats are elk antlers. I totally love chewing on them. They keep my pearly whites in ship-shape for visiting which makes my breath fabulous so I can get up close and personal with big and little peeps at the hospital.


So what are your “favoritest” treats to share with our sweet angel girl, Lexi? If you weren’t able to post one, tell us about your ‘bestest’ treats in the comments.

We love and miss you, Lexi!

Live, love, bark! ❤


44 thoughts on “Treats for Lexi Day

  1. Nylabluesmum

    Mee-you Sam doggie iss grate to furinallee meet you!! LadyMum sayss yur so hansum shee wants to adopt a doggie just like you, mew mew mew…..
    Mee came to see what treetss you had an mee finkss them elk antlers are sum tastey fur you!
    Pleeze come visit mee (sorry LadyMum could not do linky fing)….
    Mee was a speshell furend of Lexi’ss. Mee got her an mee BFF, Noodle together 😉
    Sinseerlee, Pirrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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  2. alexalily

    lily here.. peanutbutter on a plain bagel. thats my go to special treat. elk antlers..Samson can have my share.
    mom gives me a green treat shaped like a toothbrush everyday for my shiny whites.
    tell Samson thanks for sharing the pic. of him and the little girl. coud her smile get any bigger. what a happy day for her.

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  3. Amy Sandy

    Thank you Sam for sharing your therapy girl as a tribute to Lexi. Lexi also had a special girl named Brooklyn who she visited in the the Children’s Hospital throughout the years. I think they must be together now, smiling at each other.

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  4. edgar62

    Sorry we never “met” Lexi but since she was a Therapy Dog like you Sam, It would have been a great pleasure. Both Benji and the WaWa love Good-O a chewy dog treat. They also love a treat called Schmackos Stix and I think of them all that would be the favourite and I think Lexi would like that..

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