Tail Wag Wednesday


tailwag-greetingHere’s hoping your day is full of cute tail wags and smiles as you head toward the weekend.

Live, love, bark! <3


13 thoughts on “Tail Wag Wednesday

  1. Samson..that nose was just ment for smooching.
    off topic Samson could you send hug thoughts my way tomorrow. its not going to be a happy day for me
    scarring has been found on my left eye so this thursday I’m undergoing a 2 hour or more eye exam. hubby and I hope it stays in just the left eye. I’ll leave an update in a day or two with final results.
    p.s. Thanks for sharing about the Hospice for dogs. made my heart feel happy for those blessed dogs and those wonderful people caring for them.

  2. Sam, you are plenty cute. And more importantly, you have what it takes to make folks feel better about life. Big 🙂 to you today, handsome boy.

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