Wordy Wednesday


Sam here. Ever notice how uprights have a double standard when it comes to us dogs? Remember…keep your eyes on the path and not on your social media so we can both enjoy our walking time together.

Live, love, bark! ❤

32 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. edgar62

    Yes I have a mobile(cell) phone. Yes it is in my shirt pocket – but that’s generally where it stays. Only my wife and sons know my number – and a very few close friends. If someone calls it is generally for some purpose and I will answer it. {UNLESS I AM DRIVING!!} but other than that I never refer to it or bother with it. It’s just there – there is nothing I need to check every few minutes.

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  2. alexalily

    the whole point of walking with your dog is being with your dog.
    i don’t say anything to some one who is ignoring their dog but i mutter growls to myself. sure there are times when i wish lily would move on, usually when the weather is lousy. most of the time me an lily will stay in the moment and enjoy each others company.
    well enough growls from me.

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  3. Pooch Smooches

    Funny, and so true! There’s a woman we see walking her dog in our ‘hood here and every time I see her, she’s bent over her phone. She doesn’t pay any attention to her poor pup or what’s going on around her.

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  4. FACE Foundation

    We see this guy at a local park we walk to in the mornings and he’s always staring at his damn phone while his dog sits and gazes up at him with a dropped ball at his feet. Gets us so mad to see him ignore his dog all the time!!!

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