Heroes of Hope

Over the weekend I had mom take me to Lutheran’s 2017 Heroes of Hope Run/Walk event to help celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day. Sam here. This was our 3rd time pawticipating in this event (you can read about our previous races here and here). And just like always, we signed up for the 1 mile Fun Walk, but since it was such a gorgeous day and I’m in such good shape, we decided to do the 5K course instead. People of all ages trotted along side my lean physique and we all were cheered by race spectators along the tree-lined hospital campus and surrounding neighborhood. I really wanted to stop and have some of them pet me but mom said we shouldn’t dally. Sheesh, she’s such a buzz kill. I mean, come on woman…don’t you know I’m a real lady-killer? You know I always attract a group of fans at these events and this year was no exception. I even got to meet Miss Colorado, Shannon Patilla! Don’t we make a great-looking couple? Miss Shannon was really sweet and gave me the best ear rubs. S.W.O.O.N. She’s getting ready to graduate with a master’s degree in healthcare administration soon and is ready to take on the world after almost a year of attending events like this one. We wished her loads of success and happiness and thanked her for supporting cancer survivors.

Who knew we’d both look so pawsome in purple?
Let’s go racers!

This was the 10th anniversary of the event which celebrates courage, resilience and strength, just some of the characteristics that describe the over 14 million cancer survivors across America. Not only do these words describe those who have won their fight against cancer, but also those who fought courageously and with dignity. It was incredible to see 20, 25, and even 30 year survivors being recognized. A 10K, 5K, 1 mile Fun Walk and the kids walk make for a fun experience and although we didn’t hear what the final total figure raised was, we expect the proceeds will provide plenty of support at the Cancer Centers of Colorado at Lutheran Medical Center and will help inspire those who are recently diagnosed, support the families who have lost their loved ones to cancer and be a Hero of Hope in our local community.

It was such an honor to be a part of the pet therapy team pawticipating with the nearly 500 other race contestants and a great way to celebrate a Sunday morning for such a very worthy cause.
Live, love, bark! ❤︎

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  1. On behalf of both of my parents (breast and lung cancer victims), many, many thanks to all of you who walked for this cause! Cancer is a horrible disease in any form. I’d like to see it eradicated in my lifetime – right now, as Jodi said – and anything we can do to support the science behind that goal is okay with me!

    1. So sorry you lost both your parents to such a hideous disease. Can’t even begin to fathom. With events like this, hopefully we’ll all live to see it eradicated in humans and our pets. ❤︎

      1. Not just my parents, either. Both grandfathers, two aunts, my godfather, and a cousin; not to mention a few childhood friends. So, yes, hopefully we’ll live to see it eradicated. In ALL species.

  2. What a great way to spend a lovely Sunday! You did look great with Ms. Colorado. Cancer is a horrible disease. I do a lot of volunteer work for the American Cancer Society. Our local Relay For Life event is Friday! There, we will also celebrate those is our community who are fighting cancer and remember those who have lost their fight.

  3. I know the ladies were loving watching you strut your stuff! My 28-year-old niece is currently battling colon cancer. Her sister is training to run the NYC marathon this fall in her honor. I will be posting a blog about it in hopes to help her raise some money to get there. #CancerSucks

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful day and what a great cause too!! You and Miss Colorado look very dashing together!!

  5. Look at you and Miss Colorado, Sam. I’m guessing you’re the most dazzling accessory she’s ever had. And about your mom and her need for speed during the 5K: She probably had visions of herself on the winner’s podium getting her gold medal. Sometimes we just have to humor the humans. 😉 Congrats to you and your mom for all the support you both give to the medical center and its programs!

    1. Gold medal indeed. Mom has a bad bone spur thee days and was just hoping to limp across the finish line! Then I realized we do a 5K twice a day on our daily walks. But since I have twice as many feet, maybe I should think of it as double the distance? 🙂 Ms. Shannon was a real sweetie. We are very lucky to find folks like her crossing our paths.

      1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that even the smallest kindnesses can be the difference in someone else’s life … most of the time, we never know our impact on those around us. You, Sam and Elsa frequently make me laugh and brighten my day – yet I’ve never properly thanked you. THANK YOU!

  6. Sam, you and Miss Colorado do complement each other. Good for you going 5k with your Mama, and good for Mama too. Our Mama used to do that but can’t anymore with the bad knees. We’re lucky we can just run without her.

  7. Well done and such a great day raising funds for a great cause. We will be running the Presbyterian Ladies Brunch on the 17th to raise funds for the local hospital Cancer Support. My Favourite Day with an abundance of Scones. Walking is something different, but for some reason I have never been able to reconcile the words fun and run. Must be me… Oh and yes, you and Miss Colorado go well together in purple.

  8. I’m glad you were there and a lot of people came to support the survivors of the evil big c. they deserve our support in any way, that’s such a hard battle and to win makes you to a hero… absolutely. the bff of the mama celebrated too…. with a trip to her beloved place on the beach… she is grateful that she can see it again and again now …and we hope for many many years…

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