Monday Musings ~ October 15, 2018

Hey sports fan…it’s me, Sam. Did you know this is National Veterinary Technician Week? First celebrated in 1993, the third week of October each year honors the heroes in animal care — vet techs. Yes it’s true that I act kind terrified a little scared whenever a tech takes my temperature (but, um…excuse me…how’d you feel if I jammed a cold tube up your…well you know). But you gotta admit, I still wag my tail every time you come into the exam room.

Truth is, I have a personal interest in hoping all Vet Techs have a good week. Mom’s granddaughter in Hawaii is a vet tech and works at a pet hospital in Kona. Like all techs, our Hailey does all kinds of work including taking pertinent background info before the vet comes in and talks with the client about their pet. She handles all the basic questions, cleans kennels, restrains animals, draws blood and gives certain injections and vaccines as permitted by statute. She helps take X-rays and ultrasounds and monitors sedation procedures. She also runs blood work after a draw.  

A vet tech’s duties often encompasses far more work depending on the vet for whom they work. It’s probably easier to list the things they can’t do. Vet techs are not permitted to diagnose, perform surgery or prescribe medication.

Veterinary technicians typically work with vets in private practices, hospitals, research labs, and zoos. These days they are an important part of the professional veterinary team, but that hasn’t always been the case. The first “animal technician” program was created back in the 1960s, before then, veterinarians hired students or office workers to do much of the basic work and routine tasks. As the field of animal health became more complex, a need arose for a well-educated staff that could take on greater responsibilities and duties developed.

Even my weirdo Ninja sister loves our Hailey girl. This week we salute you and all vet techs and applaud the terrific job you perform. Have a great week, dear Hailey. We love and miss you and are so proud of all you’ve accomplished.

Miss Hailey with the Ninja

Live, love, bark! 🐾

37 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ October 15, 2018

  1. Monika and Sam,

    Here’s to all vet techs for their great good work!

    And a special shout out to your Hailey!

    Woot! (Which is different from Whoo!). Woot means more, because of the T . . .

    1. LOL…good one (that whole Woot-Whoo reference!). I’ll pass along your kind wishes to Hailey. Sam sends tail wags because, well he’s shameless and it makes everyone smile. 😄

  2. We know how proud you must be of your granddaughter! I’m sure seeing the love you have for animals encouraged her path. Give her a big thanks from us. ♥

    1. Proud beyond words. She’s grown into a loving human. I think she gets her love of animals from the entire family. We’re all a bit gaga over critters. 😊

  3. Meow Sam mee likes mee Vet Teckie…her name iss Claire an shee iss gentell an sweet. Mee hopes to go visit her next month…fore a wellness check an mee pass on THE tempyture takin, MOL!
    Yore Hu’man Sistur iss furry purrty an anyone who likes horsess iss 4 pawss upss in mee bookss!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    1. Not just saying this because we’re biased, but Hailey has grown into a beautiful soul, inside and out. We wish her all the success in the world with her career and hope all vet techs are as good as her. Good luck with your upcoming visit-hopefully you won’t have to get your temp taken.
      Your fur-iends,
      Sam & Elsa 🐾

    1. Thank you! She so loves animals and will be a great addition to the field. Vet techs are so worthy of recognition for all the work they do and loving care they provide.

  4. What a lovely shout out to all our valued vet techs. There are so many that are working very hard to keep our babies healthy.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

    1. Thank you! They do amazing work, often at personal peril. Vet techs are like nurses, so undervalued.

  5. A wonderful tribute to all techs. When my old cat Jake was alive, he was a “frequent visitor.” He was diabetic and old. They all knew him and even had their own nickname for him. Although he was old and cranky, he was always good with them. They had the touch. Perhaps it was the love coming through and he could feel it. We all cried when he died.

    1. Medical staff in general, be they for 2 or 4 legged patients, are angels on earth in my books and should be acknowledged for their compassionate service and loving care.

  6. I don’t recall any of my cats having to get the old butt thermometer before… but poor Ody gets his ear stuck every time he goes in now that he’s diabetic. They were training a new tech the last time I had him down there, and she didn’t succeed in getting any blood, but made him a nice hole should I decide to buy him an earring!

    Happy vet techs day! I do appreciate the staff who works with my vet… even if Ody may not forgive them even after they give him treats…

    1. It’s hard when they’re new at it and in tech’s defence, I’ve had human nurses who might have been better at being butchers for their blood drawing attempts. They mean well and have the pet’s best interests at heart but it’s a skill that needs a tender touch.

      1. I had a trainee butcher me while trying to draw blood… I was sporting bruises for over a week, and the real lab tech had to step in and end my agony. And he was hoping to become an EMT! Not anytime soon, I’d pray….

        1. When EMT trainees practice on each other, they get better at it real quick. There is a learning curve while making it pain and/or bruise free but it’s no comfort being a human pin cushion. Ouch.

  7. Great post Sammy boy. Kali feels your pain as it relates to that object being pushed up, er, well what you said. I have to hold her head and a treat in front of her teeth. You’d think with technology they could come up with something a little less invasive…. anywhoo, Thanks to Hailey and all the other wonderful vet techs for all they do in the care of our beloved pets, service and working animals.

    1. My condolences to Kali. Too bad they can’t use a thermometer and run it across our foreheads like they do uprights. 😇

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