Monday Musings ~ December 10, 2018

After posing in front of this neighbor’s blow-up Santa Paws a few days earlier, Sam was somewhat confused when we passed by it over the weekend and it was deflated. He kept sniffing around to see what happened. Maybe he’s worried there may not be presents for him and the Ninja. It took some reassuring but I think he’s okay now. Elsa on the other hand was thrilled as the man in the red suit freaked her out.

Deflated Santa Paws

Hope yours was a fun-filled weekend. We’re off to visit patients again the next few days so I’ll probably be late with comments. Have a good week!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

58 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ December 10, 2018

  1. Rot-ohhhh…I think Santa had a bit too much spiked egg nog! BOL! Coincidentally, my daughter just noticed tonight that our neighbor’s inflatable snowman may have had too much egg nog, too!

    1. It’s weird too because not many people see them blown up at night unless they’re driving around. And they’re almost always flat during the day when you can see them.

  2. Since yard inflatables usually spend more time in the state of that poor Santa, they really do more harm than good to the idea of decorating for the holidays. I love the photo I took of a yard last year that had inflatables all over the place… only it was 9 in the morning and they were all lying limply on the ground and it looked more like a Christmas massacre had just happened…

    1. I despise those hideous things and the noise they make. They look like trash blew in and collected in a pile during the day. I’m especially stunned when there’s more than one in a yard.

    1. Congrats! 🎉 I’ve been thinking of you and glad to hear this news. All the best as you start a new chapter.

  3. That is too cute. Lightning is bothered by the noise the motors make. This year we haven’t seen any blowup ones on our street, but there is one gigantic Frosty. He is supposed to stand all the time, but the wind blew him over last night. Here’s hoping there are some human paws around to help him up.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Being a therapy dog, maybe Sam thought the poor guy needed his assistance. I’m sure he was very confused when you reassured him and walked on by. My weekend was a peaceful one….got a lot done on Saturday and just vegged on Sunday. We got more snow last night, so was able to take another walk in the winter wonderland this morning. Tippy is happy that I’m snowed in and can’t go to work today.

    1. I can only imagine who disruptive life is for animals during the holidays. Which is a good justification for me to not decorate inside. 😊

  5. Poor deflated Santa! But I believe, too, that this will not affect Sam’s presents.
    We had a quiet weekend here.
    Have a great week,

    1. Quiet weekends are wonderful especially at this time of year! Hope your week is as wonderful.

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