Nature Friday ~ March 24, 2023

Nature FridayWhew…we made it…it’s Friday and that means my oaf of a brother and I join those cute pups from Adventures of the LLB Gang. This week we’re going to take a gander at nature from our ‘Hood and also to bring attention to this weekend when people all over the world will mark Epilepsy Awareness Day which falls on Sunday, March 26. Mom will be tied up helping her son move into his new home over the weekend so she decided we should make today’s post a “twofer” and hope you don’t mind. Even though the topics are not related, both are very near and dear to our hearts, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Elsa: Well brother, What have you got for me? Notice I’m being nice by letting you go first?

Norman: Umm, I did notice that but I can’t help but wonder “what’s the catch?”

Elsa: No catch, Big Guy, I just thought I’d do you a solid and let you go first. That way you can’t say I never do anything nice for you.

Norman: Hmm, o-kay {spoken tentatively}. Well, as you know Spring arrived officially in the Northern Hemisphere and although it remained a titch on the chilly side, Mum found some colorful slices of spring that gives us hope. Considering that things are mostly drab and dry here, these little pops of spring color were most welcome. Just check out this sprite bouquet of yellow crocus. I could spot these lovelies from half a block away.


Elsa: N-i-c-e. And I’m proud of you for not trying to pee on them.

Norman: {embarrassed and blushing} Umm {changing the subject deftly} we saw our first dwarf daffodils in bloom. Mum says these beauties are easy to grow; are deer resistant and naturalize easily. They’re perfect to include in rock gardens, look terrific under shrubs, and mix nicely with other small bulbs such as Crocus, Scilla and Grape Hyacinths. At only about 4 to 6 inches tall (10-15 cm.), they are perfect for planting in pots or even for forcing them for a spot of Nature indoors during Winter months.

Spring bulbs

Elsa: They sure are cheerful looking but I think I smelled that a cat had checked them out before us. No, I’m certain a cat had walked around those guys.

Norman: You always think a cat or a squirrel has walked through gardens like this.

Elsa: And I’m never wrong about that, am I?

Norman: No comment. You know I spotted a few blooms from a forsythia bush amongst some dead leaves and branches on one of our walks.ForsythiaElsa: You’ve gotten pretty good finding yellow plants lately. Did Mom trim your bangs or what?

Norman: {ignoring the snark} It’s hard not to see those yellow blooms. But I know for a fact that Mum really enjoys seeing blooms that are blue or purple. She’s been watching the blue grape hyacinths in the ground cover for days now. She even thought about cutting some for a teeny tiny bouquet.

Grape Hyacinths

Elsa: What’s that plant begin those Grape Hyacinths? It sure looks robust.

Norman: Mum thinks it’s a volunteer Allium. Once it starts to bloom she’ll know for sure. It smells oniony to me {head shaking in disapproval} so I avoid it.

Elsa: Oh you big baby. Just because Allium is part of a botanical family that includes species of cultivated onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives isn’t a reason to be afraid. Like all spring bulbs, it’s toxic for us canines but Mom keeps us from getting anywhere near it. Maybe Mom should plant some of those next to her peonies to keep you from ‘watering’ them.

Norman: Hey, I’m just trying to help. Besides, Allium smells bad, in my opinion. Even the squirrels avoid them and they’ll eat anything.  But I do have to admit they are rather beautiful when they bloom looking like giant dandelions.

Elsa: I’ve started noticing that different Spring bulbs looks really nice planted together. Crocus really stands out when planted near Scilla, or what some people call, ‘Squill.’ Mom really loves them and gets very excited whenever she sees them in our neighborhood.

Spring bulbs

Norman: They’re barely tall enough to peep over dead leaves but always provide a lovely pop of bright color. Scilla are easy to miss because they’re so small.

Elsa: Like you’d ever notice them with your gigantic paws stomping through the garden!

Norman: Be nice, sister. It’s not nice to make fun of someone’s size. I could report you to the neighborhood security system company-I’m sure they’d teach you some manners.


Elsa: Bring it on Bucko. I’m not afraid of those ‘security’ guards.

Norman: You should be…they are quite fierce-even more so than the Canadian Geese from Sloan’s Lake and what a ruckus they make. Besides, it’s better to be respectful of all wildlife, wherever they live.

Elsa: Pfft. They’re just lucky Mom doesn’t let me off leash.

Norman: {eye rolling} You talk a good game but I suspect when push comes to shove…

Elsa: {interrupting} Dream on, dude. Just because you’re a coward, don’t extrapolate your shortcoming on me.

Norman: ‘Extrapolate?’ Where did you come up with that word?

Elsa: I’ll have you know I’m quite the avid reader. And I’m very inquisitive about the world. Which segues perfectly to the second part of our post, Epilepsy Awareness Day. Why just recently I was reading up on epilepsy which happens to fall on this Sunday. Have you read up on it, dog breath?


Norman: As a matter of fact, I absolutely have. We’re big fans of Olivia from Knotty Toys for Good Dogs as well as the Five SibesWhat’s Wrong With Gibson” book. I know it’s helped Mum when you have a seizure and she’s always glad to let people know there’s lots of info out there to help them by providing guidance and resources for people/pets who suffer from seizures.


Elsa: Thanks, I appreciate you reading up on the condition that vexes me sometimes. You’re a good dog, Stormin’ Norman and I am grateful for you even when I don’t show it; I love ya, bruh.

Norman: Thanks, sister. I hope others check it out-it might help them better understand this condition.

Elsa:  Well that’s it for us this week. Hope you enjoyed seeing glimpses of Spring and are able to check out nature in your hood. We also hope you will check out the links regarding epilepsy. And don’t forget to wear Purple this Sunday.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

44 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 24, 2023

    1. Thank you so much for all your support. We both know first hand the toll epilepsy can take on both humans and pets.

  1. So many purrty wee flowerss there sweet Norman an Elsa an Miss Monika!!!
    THE spikey blue flowerss are cute….BellaSita thott they were “Perrywinkellss”…..shee iss NOT much of a gardener iss shee?
    Elsa wee furogt you tow are an Eppylepsy Warrior an wee want to let you know mee DID a badge fore Purrple Day! Iss on mee new post as a Sunday Selfie.
    Olivia iss one of mee Bee-Eff-eff’ss of all time! Mee lovess her alot….
    An mee lovess you an Sweet Norman two! An Miss Monika!
    Have a Seezure-free weekend!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Us epi-warriors gotta stick together, don’t we? I didn’t know the names of those flowers for the longest time, but once I did, I loved their name. 💜💙💜

  2. We have all kinds of scilla in our yard as volunteers and in the garden, too,. they are all coming up along with grape hyacinths…and the tulips and daffs are getting out of the ground, too. Only things blooming as yet, are the snowdrops and some sheltered periwinkle. That stuff grows and spreads like weeds around here.
    Crocuses are no longer seen in my yard, I think squirrels dug them up.

    Hubby had a spell, un-witnessed in December…and then had two grand mal seizures in Feb. He’s on medicine now, and hasn’t had another thankfully. So awful to watch in your loved one…

    1. It truly is-you feel so helpless. I hope your husband remains seizure free.

      Spring bulbs are nature’s gift for enduring winter. I love seeing little scilla-that precious shade of blue always catches my eye and brings a smile to my heart. Wish there were more gardens around here that included them. It seems like the big box stores have reduced selections, favoring mundane varieties. Even the annuals are ho-hum anymore. I may have to start stalking smaller greenhouses in the region for interesting plants.

  3. Elsa & Norman, thanks so much for sending out those signs of Spring. Also, thanks for recognizing Epilepsy Purple Day. I have a family member who had a couple of seizures a few years ago, and while they were determined to be “one-time” events, it is an important condition everyone should be aware of. We have some geese and ducks around here who like to get rowdy once in a while, but they mean well. I like Norman’s idea of respecting the wildlife so they will respect you. Have a great weekend!😃

    1. I have family members who also have had seizures in the past so it’s very dear to my heart. Elsa is not the first dog I’ve owned with epilepsy but with her I’ve learned so much to be able to treat her. I’m so grateful for campaigns like this one who can help educate people about the condition and provide them with the resources to help.

      We try to keep a healthy distance from ducks and geese so every one stays safe. 😉

      Have a super springtime weekend. 💐

      1. Wow, Elsa, you have a great vocabulary. Do you know that it’s true that black dogs are hard to photograph? You kinda look like a black blob. XOXOX Chia
        Oh Chia, you better be glad Elsa can’t get to you through the ‘puter or you might find out what a black blob can actually do! Xena

        1. I’m not just a pretty face…I know things. But yeah, it’s never easy photographing a black dog but it sure keeps the mystery alive.

  4. Norman my man, you look so studious in spectacles. And don’t sweat it when it comes to relieving yourself in the garden, I may have once when I locked myself out of the house. Don’t tell anyone.

    Have a great weekend kids

    1. He’s only ‘slightly’ far-sighted. LOL Have a great weekend. No peeing in the gardens, though, okay?

    1. Epilepsy is a thief; we try to help others do the best they can with the condition. Hopefully your weather will improve soon.

    1. They’re doing a Jim-dandy job of protecting the neighborhood. At least they make a racket loud enough to scare away lots of creatures. Now if they’d just go after the porch pirates.

  5. What a wonderful post! I have to still live spring vicariously through you as all I’ve found, so far is one teeny-tiny-gonna-be daffodil in my front garden. We still have quite a bit of snow in these here parts… sigh…
    Happy Friday to you and I’ll be sure to wear purple on Sunday!

    1. Thank you! Spring seems to be lazily arriving or maybe it’s just because February was 87 days long. We’re too that stage where we need a good spring storm just to tamp down the dust from all the windy conditions. There’s no pleasing me, is there? LOL

      1. It’s beyond lazy here! Oh, that’s funny because I felt February was 97 days long…
        We had rain alllllll day yesterday which helped with some of the snow meltage. And hey, we know what we like, right?

  6. Spring is springing where you are – it’s great isn’t it. The deer are eating everything that pops out of the ground around here……AND our azaleas and rhododendrons too. Dang! Anyway, our grass is greening up which seems to make my Mom happy since SHE is the one who loves riding around on the tractor! Me? I’m just taking it easy – lounging on the porch and watching Spring arrive!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Happy checking out spring in your neighborhood. Soon enough it’ll be full time work with gardening chores and by September we’ll be looking for the autumn/winter respite. LOL

  7. Java Bean: “Wait, Norman, did you really not try to pee on those flowers? Why not? Did you use it all up elsewhere? ¡Tienes que controlar tu ritmo, hombre!”
    Lulu: “When our Dada was a kid their dog Missy had epilepsy. He was home alone with her the first time she had a seizure and he may have freaked out a little. She ended up on medication but this was a long time ago and he’s not sure what it was. Phenobarbital, maybe?”

    1. LOL. Norman did try to pee on the flowers but Mom has a hard fast rule about peeing on plants, especially blooming ones in people’s yard. Much to his chagrin.

      Phenobarb has been the go-to anti-seizure remedy for ages. Initially a seizure can be disconcerting, now days we have a routine we shift into and staying calm is a part of that. We’re lucky, Elsa’s seizures aren’t nearly as bad as some dogs experience now that we’ve managed to figure out the proper dose to keep seizures under control. She still has them on occasion, but nothing like when she was diagnosed.

  8. We lost our Sophie to epilepsy….the vet thought the tremendous heat had set it off but wasn’t sure he could have saved her even given the time it took him to get out to us. I still miss her head on my knee followed by a paw if what she wanted was not provided tout de suite.
    Your spring flowers lifted my mood though…many thanks!

    1. Extreme temps can play havoc on dogs suffering from seizures. I’m so sorry you lost your Sophie. I have a real soft spot for anyone who’s endured this terrible condition which is hard on both the sufferer as well as their care provider. The yellow flowers are finally starting to appear and definitely brighten any day. Soon other colorful spring bulbs will start to emerge and be welcomed to the warmer days of the season. Have a wonderful weekend. 💐

  9. Elsa you may be able to take on a duck but stay away from the canadian geese! They chase you! Love the spring colors 😀

    1. They sure do. Those guys even chased my Mom so I’m not afraid of some city ducks! Have a super (and geese free) weekend.

  10. It’s about time! After February seemed never ending, it’s nice to see slices of spring emerge. Finally. Have a great weekend.

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