Springtime in the Rockies ~ March 27, 2019

While most are yearning for spring and warmer temperatures, I continue to long for some moisture. This winter has been bone dry with few snow storms containing minuscule amounts of the white stuff. Imagine my rejoicing this morning to wake up to a this winter wonderland. I’ll take it. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Any surprises when you woke up this morning?

Live, love, bark 🐾

73 thoughts on “Springtime in the Rockies ~ March 27, 2019

  1. We got some snow Sunday morning but it did not stay. We actually have had more snow in March than normal!
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Ooooooooo! That looks FABulous!!! I would loves to do some snow zoomies! All I gots are some sun zoomies…not as good, butts almost as funs!
    Ruby ♥

  3. That is a beautiful site for your first cup of coffee! We are in the midst of spring with temps in the upper 70’s. Not complaining at all.

  4. Oh my, snow! My only surprise this morning was that I had muted my phone last night so I didn’t hear my alarm and only had half an hour to get me and Xena ready and out of the house to work.

      1. Got 2 talkers on the phone (and one of them twice) so my morning was shot. But I guess I am in the “customer service” business at the church as much as anything, LOL.

  5. Summer is over and we are into Autumn (Fall) but still no rain to speak of. This was shown to me yesterday in the much lower water level at the Wetlands. No rain forecast : – 24c – 31c for most of the coming week. Queensland is in flood conditions.

  6. We would love to wake up to a winter wonderland like that instead of our muddy yard. We are still on “inside” play restrictions:( Enjoy that beautiful snow.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Pawsome pic!
    We have had plenty of snow & rain this past winter season & huMom is so ready for earth tones.
    Glad you finally got some moisture. A dry winter is not good for water levels; lets hope you get your needed rains/snow.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  8. We’ve had storm after storm. We’ve had bitter cold. We’ve had rain and more rain until things were flooded. This morning I woke up to sunshine and it’s going to be warm today. I’m very happy about that.

    Enjoy your snow. ♥

  9. It started last night about 4 ish so no surprise about the 7 or more inches we got. However, the power going out was a surprise. Yea. It came back on so that’s great. We must get a lot more than you and my Boulder friend gets. And ice, again no surprise, just another thing to deal with.
    It’s pretty though.

  10. Whoo hoo for Mother Nature! Hope you get a lot of wet stuff before the season passes. I feel your pain from past years. We’ve had our share of wet and lots of snow this year – so good for us in NorCal. It’s magic to wake up to a white frozen world. Enjoy it before it melts. As for us the girls and I were greeted by a loud and very excited turkey roosting somewhere near where the girls do their morning business. It’s very vocal so must be protecting eggs – I think it’s a little early for chicks. Kali and I will investigate later. Have a great “winter” morning. Ear scratches to Sam and Elsa.

    1. I knew you’d understand my winter glee. Facing the certain prospect of a drought is not a happy thought, but we’ll keep optimistic with our fingers crossed. March and April are our wettest months. 🤞🏼Happy Turkey searching.

  11. Gosh, we’re already pining that we’ll miss the snow.
    My morning surprise?
    Getting up on March 26th and seeing the temperature at 13 degrees (F)!
    Today was barely warmer, around 17.
    Still, at least it will make the snow stay a little longer, though the 50 degree F afternoons will likely be the death knell.

    Best regards,


    1. We’ll have the same here thought not quite as chilly. I just wish we’d get a few significant spring storms which come in with a vengeance, dump a lot of snow and leave quickly. We so need the moisture but will gladly take what we can get.

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