Nature Friday ~ November 1, 2019

Greetings to our favorite day of the week. It’s also a fresh new month, November. Egad…WHERE has this year gone? One day you’re welcoming tulips and the next day it seems like you’re planting new ones. W-H-A-T? Nonetheless, put me down in the “happy it’s Friday again” category while we tag along with our friends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard and we stroll throughout Blogville checking out the beauty of Mother Nature.

For those of you keeping track, there are 53 days to Christmas. I know, I know…but judging by the fact that we just rolled the calendar over to a new page, the heavy set guy in red will be coming down chimney in no time. With the weather being unseasonably cold this week, it got me to start working on various handmade gifts for family and friends since walk-abouts weren’t going to be possible.

Wait…why aren’t we going walking?

It was so cold and snowy this week, we really didn’t get out to check out much of what Nature offered. Everything was white anyway and I was busy shoveling an enormous corner lot (what in the world was I thinking buying a house on a corner with twice as much sidewalk as normal houses?!) and just trying to keep myself warm and the dogs occupied.

Sam & ElsaEver notice how dogs can get cabin fever much quicker than humans? Like many dogs, the Knuckleheads nap much of the day, but the naps seemed shorter with more frequent with loads of plaintive glances and relentless nose nudging to pay attention to the clearly depraved canines. One way they can pass the time away when they’re bored, is through annoying behavior.

Shoveling out a “pee-atio” area for the dogs was nearly as important as keeping their minds engaged. Poodles can be picky about their bathroom thrones and not just any spot will work for their fragile little psyches as I’ve discovered. They experience Goldilocks syndrome and everything must be just right.

Because of some uneven flagstones, it’s not an quick job shoveling out part of the dog run to keep poodle tushes from being kissed by snow during their constitutionals.  I thought I was doing the Knuckleheads a solid. Indeed…they promptly went to the opposite end where the snow depth was 10″ deep to do their business. Thanks guys. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy frostbitten fingers trying to help you out.

Dog run

One thing about Nature is how a snowstorm can change the landscape. Earlier this week I shared the photo of a gigantic icicle that formed (my friend Sorryless referred to it as a ‘support column’ and he wasn’t far off–it took a number of attempts to knock that sucker down-if you missed it, click here). Yesterday, as the snow began to melt, it seemed as if Nature was piling globs of frosting around the garden and fence line. It was beautiful and allowed me to forget the backbreaking job of shoveling it from the endless sidewalk.



But all is not lost as we wait for the full melt. On cue, the ‘Christmas cactus’ (that has coincidently never bloomed any time near its namesake) decided to wake up. That riot shock of hot pink always makes me grateful for this indoor show of beauty that Nature provides at the most unexpected times. And here I thought there wouldn’t be any foliage this week.


Here’s wishing you a fantastic weekend with the hope you manage to stumble across something beautiful out there even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Nature Friday

P.S. Don’t forget to ‘fall’ back this weekend. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

56 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 1, 2019

  1. Let me say in defence of Elsa & Sam, The Goldilock Syndrome is not limited to poodles😉
    I’ll also add, it is our dog gone responsibility to keep our humans on their toes😉
    Never a dull movement…excuse me…moment😉
    💜nose nudges💜

  2. I never get an extra hour of sleep. I’m just screwed up all week wondering what time it really is. LOL
    On the bright side….no snow yet….but looks like that might change by the end of the week!

    1. When you have critters, it’s hard to get extra anything, much less sleep. Hope the change is minimal.

  3. Well, we survived out first heatwave of the season, which was followed by two days of thunderstorms and heavy rain. Started Friday didn’t let up until this morning (Sunday) No walks but we are very thankful for the rain. Now, if it would just rain in NSW and Queensland, that would be great!

  4. Whoa! We’ve been off the grid in the desert… and we’re on our way home right now. I am not eager to see the snow at our elevation. OMD! It looks pretty from a distance but not so early in the season!

    1. The snow wasn’t nearly as bad as the bitter cold. Being in the desert this time of year must have been fabulous!

  5. Mew mew mew Sam an Elsa yore givin yore Meowy ‘kitten fitss’ not peein inn THE rite place shee shovelled fore youss’!! Now mee knowss why you call them “Nuckelheadss” Miss Monika!!
    An look it all yore snow! Wee onlee got an inch….mee not goin to complane……
    Yore Cactus iss purrty……so nice it iss flowerin fore you.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  6. So much snow! Isn’t it too early now to have it so much? Really a great portrait of Sam. I am here wondering the same as you, how it is possible to be November, what did I do at summer, did we have summer at all.
    Have a good weekend, without snowstorms.

    1. Snows usually begins to fly in October, but the extra cold front is very unusual-that’s more like January weather.

    1. The snow isn’t as bad as the wind and cold. But I’d probably take the snow and cold over the humidity.

  7. We don’t “fall back”. We don’t change our clocks (maybe when their diapers are dirty). Sporting events that used to start at 10 are now at 11. We have adjustments also.

  8. I thought I had commented but no. I read this while waiting for my car…
    I swear, dogs are as bad as kids… you clear out their pee-atio and they choose to go elsewhere? Brats they are. So glad Zeke just drives me crazy going in and out and in and out when he is bored.
    Mama Nature has lost her mind. But while it’s over in your neck of the woods, I won’t say a word… mind you, the wind blowing here has knocked down huge trees and has mine weaving at a nerve-racking way.
    That picture with the snow and the urn is gorgeous as is your cactus!
    Hope you have a fabulosos weekend!

    1. I’d take a foot of snow over wind. Any day. That is the one weather phenom I despise. It’s dangerous and makes people understandably crabbish.

      1. With the wind we had yesterday, I, too, would take snow. To see those huge trees lying flat on the highway and blocking lanes was scary stuff.

  9. Hey you guys were name referenced today! The TV weather gal said, “Our lows will be 42 degrees today but be glad you’re not in Denver where it was 8 this morning.” So, yeah, I’m glad and once again the AJF and I commented on remembering why we don’t live in Colorado even though we love the place.

    1. That kind of notoriety I can live without. We should be in the upper 40’s, maybe crack 50 today and for the next several days. Whew!

  10. I like the cats way of letting me know I’m doing well. They walk outside only where I’ve shovelled. They actually sit and wait fr me to shovel more walking room. The potty problem is not a problem here but I had to giggle over the Goldilocks syndrome.


    1. Decided not to bore everyone with describing the circling before the ultimate squat. They orchestrate the whole process like crazy. 😂

    2. It’s times like this when I’m reminded that dogs usually have the intellect of a radish.

  11. WOW you DID get WHAMMED!!!! Had to laugh about your babies going potty where it wasn’t shoveled, that’s typical!! My goodness Elsa, I could hear you barking all the way in Michigan! xoxo

    1. She’s definitely found her voice. Yeah, that was quite the dumping-when those photos were taken yesterday, some had already melted. Hope you had a fun Howl-oween. 🎃

  12. My Poodles hate snow with an abiding passion. Fortunately we don’t get any unless we trek up to the mountains. Then we all just huddle in the car since I don’t like it either.

  13. Yikes on all that snow. The pups will be bored now and then in this kind of weather. Our Little Bit hated the snow.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. My best to your mom. ♥

    1. Walking in the snow yesterday with temps above freezing was invigorating to the pups. In other words, I had to hang on for dear life while they were sprinting in the Iditarod! LOL Happy weekend.

  14. Ah yes, it seems as if the weather is going to be doing its best (worst) not to be cooperative with us from here on out.

    Fifty three days to what? I didn’t read that correctly. There is no way I read that correctly . . .

    Happy Friday!

  15. the potty conundrum… Milo tried to hold it til his favorite grass returned but had to make do. In the tallest snow in the park, so I had to wade into it to pick up the poopsicles.

    1. They ALWAYS go into the deepest snow especially on walks. Yeah…I love having snow fall down into my boots 😬

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