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Gif   Greetings fellow WordPress bloggers who have been experiencing issues trying to [easily] leave comments (and in the misery loves company category, I have had the same problem with some of yours). I managed to figure out a work around but became frustrated having to do it frequently so I reached out to the WordPress Happiness Engineers. Their initial thought is they believe the issue is a bug (bloody cockroach is more like it but I digress) and will move it up the chain “to the team” for further evaluation. Great {dripping with sarcasm}.

So…have you been receiving this message lately when you try to leave a comment?

WordPressAfter experiencing it on several blogs I follow and receiving a number of messages from folks who follow me (thank you very much for letting me know), I contacted the WordPress Happiness Engineers who suggested the following work-around (although why this suddenly woke up the blogging gremlins didn’t make sense to me, but then again I’m no techno-wizard or blogging expert so who the heck knows).

You can clear your cache if you want to. You can also test turning off the setting at My Site → Settings → Discussion → Comments → Comment author must fill out name and email” [For the record, making this change did not seem to rectify the issue for me but it might work for you]

Turn off the setting for “Comment author must fill out name and email.”

Check your Discussion settings page on your blog to see how it may be configured.

The only thing that seems to work for me thus far is best described in this graphic. Whenever I receive that error message, I first copy my comment (no point having to retype it again) once I get back to this view:


Rather than retyping my comment, I paste the copied comment and then fill in the info at the arrows. Sorry this is turning into a cluster, but hope this info helps until WordPress fixes the bug. I’ll share any info they provide. Good luck to us all.

P.S. As of 7:00 AM MDT, I had not heard back from the advance team. Sigh.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

52 thoughts on “WordPress Issues

  1. It’s interesting that you would mention problems with WordPress, Monika, and I had noticed you hadn’t commented on my Bathurst trip and I popped round to see you.
    I had the biggest drama with WordPress last night trying to post about my Bathurst trip. I spent the day writing up an overview of our Bathurst trip and literally spent the entire day on it and when I clicked to publish it, nothing happened.
    Of course, I had multiple windows open and so I shut down as many of those as I could and tried again. Nothing. Geoff advised me to save to Word. Then, I found out it hadn’t updated for 14 hours and the save button wasn’t appearing. i knew I was shafted and would have to start over. Wondered also whether I’d uploaded too many photos. It wasn’t good for my mental health. Ended up having to start from scratch and copy and paste each paragraph into the post so I could stick photos in between. It was a mess. Anyway, I reworked it and noticed a distinct improvement although I’m not sure I’d say it was worth it.
    Meanwhile, Sunday is almost over and I slept through much of the day after working on this much of the night.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Ro, just discovered this morning in fact that WP spammed over 30 comments that I was totally unaware and thus had no idea of your comments. Many apologies. Hopefully things have been squared away. Hope springs eternal. 😍

  2. OMG so that is where my comments are going or NOT going Monika! I have not seen your comments in our blog…am I missing them too?
    WP is usually so wonderful…. **sighs**
    I will let you know if things go awry!
    ((hugs)) BellaSita Mum an ***gurrss purrss** BellaDharma

    1. Thank you. I’m so sorry if people have had problems leaving comments. We’re a wonderful community and I just hope things will go smooth from here on out. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    1. It’s getting where I’m entertaining that option. There’s enough aggravation in this world, there’s little point in allowing more of it.

  3. It is a big fat pain in the tushie BUT I figured out that if I just used my facebook instead of wordpress account to sign in, it worked fine. I hope the BUG is squashed soon though!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Facebook has its own shortcomings but we all try different remedies that work. I know I should marvel at how we’ve developed wonderful connections all over the world with some amazing people but when it goes sideways, I tend to become quite the crabbish wench. Never have dealt well with things that don’t work. Not even a little. Sigh.

  4. Seems I can comment with no problems however what I do have problems with is that when I blog on WordPress sometimes it takes my material and puts it in tiny letters so you would have to use a magnifying glass to read it and I cannot figure out how to change the font. I have always written on Word and used TImes New Roman at 12 and then copy and paste. Just don’t know what is going on and with problems it takes out all the fun with interacting and blogging,

    1. You’re right about taking the fun out of blogging. And when you’re paying for your site, it becomes even less fun. Tiny fonts are the pits, it’s like trying to blog on a cell phone. I know some people do it and do it very successfully. I am in awe of that. Me, I’d rather set my hair on fire than read or write a post on a phone. Argh!

  5. I have to click on “change” anytime I comment on a Word Press blog. Another blogger who uses Word Press said he was experiencing an issue where it said he was leaving too many comments lol!!!!

    1. I’ve had similar problems with Blogger. Technology is conspiring against a lot of us lately! Ugh.

    1. Some blogs are fine and then all of a sudden, things go sideways. It’s so random and I haven’t been able to detect a pattern. It’s maddening though. Today, it’s requiring me to approve EVERY comment. Argh!

    1. It sure is. I understand that it can happen but I’m getting peeved it’s happening more and more and my blog is a paid one. Eek…I may be rethinking that come renewal day!

    2. Doggone straight it is. I’m losing my otherwise sunny disposition about it. 😈

  6. I’m one that has issues here. I just unclicked having to use email and name. I know I’ll get anonymous comments, but I’ll give it a try.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. How ironic…yours was one I had problems with first. Today I now seem to have to approve EVERY comment. Ugh. Stupid WP gremlins!

    2. It’s so maddening, especially when it was working just fine up until last week. Now everything seems bottoms up. Ugh.

  7. WP is great for me in some blogs, and a royal pain, you know where in others. Some require me to log in EACH time, even though I am still in the same blog and catching up on multiple posts. Sheesh:(
    Other times I have to fill in all the info, even though I click on the ‘remember me for next time’ box…
    Some browsers seem to work better than others as well. If I have trouble in Firefox, my main browser, I try Opera and or Safari.

    So far I do not have issues with your blog. Go figure!!

    Blogger has lots of issues as well, lately.

    1. I’ve had that same experience. And then it seems to stick for a long while. You get used to things working fine and then the gremlins rise up in revolt. Argh! Yeah, don’t even get me started on Blogger. With Google chasing your presence all over the ‘Net, you’d think they’d stop being a jerk. LOL

    1. Ugh, I’m so sorry. If I hear from the advance team with better solutions, I’ll be sure to pass along. Sounds like there must be sun spots or something even more nefarious, a lot of people are reporting problems with both WP and Blogger. I know there’s a lot being the curtain so to speak, but for the love of all that’s holy you’d think they could figure it out and fix the bloody mess! 😬

    1. After the initial approval, they’re done automatically but we’ll see how it goes. Just wanted to share a possible way to get around that doggone error message. I hate those buggers!

  8. This is a long standing problem with WP. You won’t hear from the advanced team and you are not alone. I have seen hundreds of comments with the same problem. Thanks for trying. If this comment doesn’t go through I will try your work around.

    1. In the past I’ve had pretty good luck so I’ll keeping my fingers crossed. With technology it’s always something.

  9. I can enter comments here on your blog (it is identified .blog), but on many WP blogs that end .com, or end with wordpress.com, I am not allowed to comment. I have tried a variety of options (some you are suggesting), all with no success. I even tried to set up a wordpress email, but they would not allow anything “similar” to my ZOOLATRY name which has identified me for 15-years now and I chose not to lose that. So it is a total conundrum and there are many WP blogs that are great, that I visit anyway, but only wish I could tell them how “great they are!”

  10. For the record, I have had to log into WordPress for a couple of years to leave comments here. Glad to do it, but I am also glad that you took the time to find some possible solutions.
    Must go now — dog is telling me it is time to go to the hospital.

    1. Good to see you, Amy. Poor Teagan, she looked so traumatized around Norman. Felt so bad for her. She’s so sweet. See you soon.

    1. Yeah, Blogger and WP are testing a lot of people’s patience. It’s so weird, everything was working fine but now things seem to be unraveling across the boards. Ugh.

    1. It’s so maddening. I had problems with logging in to my bank this morning-makes you wonder if sunspots are flaring up with the various Internet issues. Funny how they still seem to stalk you and that works just fine 24/7. 😠

  11. “You can also test turning off the setting at My Site → Settings → Discussion → Comments → Comment author must fill out name and email”

    The fact that this “happiness engineer” recommends that YOU change the settings on YOUR website shows – to my mind – that he hasn’t at all grasped what the problem is. Changing settings on your website can’t help you with commenting on other websites, can it?
    The only, and very tedious, “solution” to this problem is the work-around you suggest. I have been doing this myself. A nuisance, but it works.
    My conclusion: if that special “happiness engineer” is any measure of the quality of the developers at WP, then I can easily understand why they keep producing deficient “updates”.
    Oh, and one more thought: as far as I know, WP doesn’t have their very own team of software developers but it is a combined common effort. That, to my mind, is the definite crux of the matter: there might very well be more than one change at a time by different persons, changes that then interfere with each other.

    1. Yeah, it didn’t work anyway. Today’s exercise in futility now has me having to approve ALL comments. It was set up to manually approve the first one then automatically thereafter. I just want to throw my hands up in surrender to the Internet gods.

      In the past I’ve managed to get ‘happiness engineers’ who knew they was going on and fixed any offending issue. This time has been less than optimal. And the problem still exists and in fact is making it harder for me. And to think it worked just fine last week and now, its unraveling like crazy. Argh. I’m rethinking my paid status in about 6 months when the renewal comes up. Why pay good money only to be aggravated?

  12. I’ve not had this issue. I wonder how much is on WordPress and how much may be on either the browser you are using or your operating system (OS), So easy for things to get out of whack between WordPress, version of OS one is on, version of browser, and domain host… Glad to hear WordPress is investigating for you.

    1. I’ve tried a couple of browsers to no avail and am religious about updating the OS whenever there’s a change. It worked just fine last week and now…it’s become a total pain in the neck for me and many others.

  13. wow that looks like the treasure map of captain blackbeard… we will try to follow the advice..

    1. I didn’t want to identify the site I was on. Hopefully the diagram/treasure map works. The changing in settings did zilch for me. 😕

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