Monday-May Day 2023

Well…will you looky here. Time to turn the page on the ole paper calendar or for those who aren’t as old-fashioned as me, you can just swipe your digital device from April to May. Today is May Day, and is also known as International Workers Day around the world, which is a celebration of labourers and the working classes around the world and promoted by the international labour movement and occurs every May 1st, or in France, a big day to gather and protest the recently revamped pension system. I’d hate to be in Macron’s shoes these days.

In the U.S. May Day is a celebration of all things Spring and has its roots in astronomy with a touch of agriculture on the side. Being the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, it’s an unofficial holiday, marked with springtime festivities filled with song and dance celebrating the sown fields that are starting to sprout. Cattle were driven to pasture, special bonfires were lit, with doors of houses as well as livestock adorned with yellow May flowers. In the Middle Ages, the Gaelic people celebrated the festival of Beltane, the “Day of Fire.” People created large bonfires and danced at night to celebrate. May Day was a big celebration in England and ultimately migrated to the U.S. with the new colonists. Children would dance around the maypole, holding colorful ribbons. People would ”bring in the May” by gathering wildflowers and green branches, weaving floral hoops and hair garlands, and crowning a May king and queen. As a wee lass, I remember decorating May baskets in school, by making little paper cones, colored with crayons and filled with dandelion flowers or lilacs if they were blooming to give to  Mom when I got home from school. Being resourceful kids, we also decorated the tether pole ropes with colored paper flowers, and giving our best  imitation of dancing around the ‘maypole.’ Ah, now those were the days.

Fast forward and my ‘celebration’ of this annual date began by pulling weeds that I swear sprouted overnight from last week’s rain showers, otherwise known as fertilizer for weeds that germinate between the flagstone paths. Being a kid on May Day was a lot more fun.

But it’s still Monday, which means we need to start the week out with a smile, right? No point starting out the week with a grumble. So let’s see what the Ranch Hands came up with today to celebrate springtime.

Monday Musings

Don’t know about you, I think there might be a subtle message here indicating ‘somebody’ apparently isn’t keen on costumes for photo shoots, Luckily I’m not completely oblivious which means I should be visiting the Dollar Store to check out what junk inexpensive decor I can use for the next photo session.

Norman & Cinco de Mayo

Wishing you and yours a very Happy May Day.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

50 thoughts on “Monday-May Day 2023

  1. I was just telling Dale Imma kinda miss the cooler weather as far as my running is concerned. But I guess the warm weather helps shape me up so there’s that.

    Norm is rocking that sombrero!

    1. I’m in the moderate camp. Not too hot, not too cold and definitely not the extremes that I know are always just around the corner.

    1. Thank you. Do you have any idea you how hard it was to get a pic that wasn’t blurry? I was laughing so hard with that little sombrero on Norman’s head. He kept looking at me like “what’s wrong with you, Mum?” 🤣

  2. Ah yes, May Day memories! I remember the Maypole dancing from my elementary school days. And all the pretty flowers that were just starting to bloom around the neighborhood. But that was then, this is now. Back then Dad or my brother cut the grass on weekends. Now I pay someone else to do it.

    As to the poor pup in the cartoon, I feel for him. I do think some people go way. too. far dressing their dogs in people clothes. Cute little dog-themed t-shirts or a sweater on a cold day, or something to cover a surgical site while it heals is one thing; dressing the dog up like he’s a toddler going to his first day of Pre-K is quite another. And the fact that some dogs look so miserable because their owners don’t pay attention to the pup’s needs instead of their own really bothers me. It’s one thing if the pup enjoys the interaction – like the ranch hands and Madison and her sisters and brother – but I stopped doing it with my “babies” when I saw how uncomfortable it made them to wear even a cute little hat. I dress mine up with occasional bandannas and special collars. Or a raincoat on a particularly wet day. I learned early on that these two wanted nothing to do with raincoats. So, that’s it. I still have Callie’s, Shadow’s and Ducky’s raincoats though – just for sentimental reasons. I must say, though, that when she was still small enough to wear it, Zoey looked adorable in Ducky’s coats. 😍

    1. We sympathize for clothed dogs, especially the little ones. Luckily us big dawgs generally only have to wear hats. 😉

  3. Awwdorably cute that’s what you are, sweet Norman🌸 We have a garden full of dandelions too, and more of that species…MOL…We don’t celebrate MayDay in the Netherlands, because we had Queen’s Day one day earlier, so stoopid…Double Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Yellow is the color so associated with spring. You guys may not celebrate May Day but at least you were able to celebrate something the day before so that’s just as good. 💐

  4. Norman is rockin’ that sombrero – just in time for Cinco de Mayo. May might be here on the calendar but it’s not exactly here with it’s Spring weather. Hopefully soon. We are ready for WARM…….Happy May Day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Happy May Day! It was rainy and cool for the first day of May but I bought flowers for my porch today. 🙂
    Norman looks dashing in his hat. 😉

    1. Thanks! It was in the low 70’s and likely to stay there most of this week. We could use some rain but the forecast doesn’t look promising. People here are planting annuals like crazy which isn’t smart since night temps can dip to freezing until even the middle of May. I tend to use Memorial Day as the time when it’s safe to plant. Enjoy cool the temps and moisture. Summer will be here in no time and we’ll be wishing for them when it’s too hot. Have a great week!

  6. Happy May Day! You look cute in your hat We have the same one, but none of the cats wear it as wel as you. 🙂

    1. Why thank you! We got ours at a costume shop (and not the Dollar Store) but it was so doggone cute, we couldn’t help ourselves. Elsa’s not so keen on wearing it but she let me take a couple of pics yesterday that hopefully we can share on Friday.

  7. Mee Sweet Norman you look so festive an ADOORBS inn yore Fee-esta hat!!!!
    May here iss cold an rainy Miss Monika….why mee askss? WHY?
    Inn mee hole Kitty Life mee nevurr seen so much rain day aftur day…..
    Back to yore comick, mew mew mew mew an HAHAHAHA!!! Heelareeus!
    Rite Norman? Rite Elsa?
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thanks, dear kitty and Mum. I saw the weather and say the storm over your area. And here we are in a desert circle with dry weather for the foreseeable future. Wish Nature would kind of balance things out and not dump on just a few places and leave the others parched. Sigh.

  8. Haha!!

    Yes we giggled! I don’t recall celebrating May Day when I was growing up…not sure why, since Canada has quite long apron strings to the UK, and other parts of Europe…

    Norman looks ready for Cinco De Mayo! The Dollar store is good friends with me too, LOL!!

    1. There was one just a few blocks away that I walked to to pick up accessories for the dogs to wear, unfortunately they just announced their closure. Phooey, now I’ll have to drive to the next closest one and I hate to drive. 😢

    2. Lucky for me, Norman is ready for anything I toss his way. Even if it means silly hats.

    1. I know, right? The vision alone just makes giggle! Happy Monday, happy May Day.

  9. I was always fascinated by dancing around a maypole. We tried it once but it didn’t seem as charming as it was in my imagination. I too am busy pulling out the cottonwood seedlings from the garden. Or I would be if it wasn’t raining. Again! Happy Mayday!

    1. You’re so right…trying to not strangle the participants was always dicey. 😉

    1. He’s such a good sport about those wearing those accessories. Happy Monday!

  10. Happy May Day. We have weeds all over the place. It’s embarrassing.

    Handsome Norman is a huge Awww. I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to handsome Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. Thanks, Sandee. Norman is such a good sport about dress up occasions and just takes it all in stride. Thanks for the link up. Happy May Day. 💐

  11. Happy May Day to you, too! I agree about the weeds — as soon as the rain stopped last week, the dandelions exploded. But it was good to be outside getting the garden ready. I’m late getting the snow peas in, but the onions, garlic and spinch are all up. Can hardly wait!

    1. Good for you! Other than a bit of weeding and spreading 18 bags of mulch, the only other gardening thing was the purchase of a basil plant. I’m seeing loads of annuals in pots around the neighborhood. I still expect a cold snap in the next week or so. It’s only early May on the Front Range afterall. 🤣

  12. Monika, I am sure that cartoon resonates with many doggies. “Geez, I thought winter dress-up was bad…” I love the use of the phrase “inexpensive decor” here. Looking forward to the photo sessions thereafter. Happy May Day!

    1. Norman is so patient with wearing hats and other garb. I’m sure he’s cringing inside but he always comes through. Found that tiny sombrero and thought…Cinco de Mayo which is coming up this Friday. Beware, Elsa. LOL

  13. I can add that in my country of origin, Sweden, the day before May Day is called Valborg and it is celebrated with large bonfires, fireworks, singing, especially large choirs and eating and drinking. So in Sweden there are two days of festivities and they are quite different. I believe it is called Walpurgis in English. I love both the painting and the cute photo.

    1. Thanks for sharing your cultural history. In Europe many celebrations were tied to agriculture, it’s fascinating to see that adaptation.

      1. Argh…no…say it ain’t so. The water torture treatment-that’s no way to start the week-they’re supposed to start with a smile and we all know baths are not smiley for us dogs.

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