How Can We Miss You if You Won’t Go Away


Dear Old Man Winter,

Not to be disrespectful to an elder but…please go away. Your sweet sister, Spring was here earlier this week with her lovely sunshine and warm temps breathing new life into a tired brown landscape, waking up tender blooms and even more tired uprights and pups sick of your constant returns to remind us how much we despise your all-to-long-of-a presence. After 87 visits to us over the past 6 weeks, we beg you to go gently into the night though immediately would be better and leave us the hell alone until next year. And take that stupid groundhog with you. You are both on the short list right now. Him for toying with us saying we’d have an early Spring and you for repeated arrivals as an unannounced guest much like Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie from the movie, Christmas Vacation who drinks all the beer and generally makes the house look like a FEMA disaster zone. We’re done with both of you. We long for those 60 and 70 degree days with sunshine, blue skies, and soft breezes where she coaxed pretty tulips and perfectly scented lilacs to dazzle us. You, your snow mixed with a chilling rain and your lousy 30 degree temperatures with limited visibility can go away now and stop tormenting us. Please!


Two tormented souls shivering in Denver, one of whom needs to pee badly and won’t do it in the chilly rain/snow nonsense you keep tossing at us.

Hope wherever you are that you are enjoying a real Spring that coincidently matches with the calendar.

Live, love, bark! <3

45 thoughts on “How Can We Miss You if You Won’t Go Away

  1. Oh…what I wouldn’t give for some nice, cold weather. Here we are roasting and baking and burning in the summer heat 😩😩😩

  2. Haha yes, that about sums it up. Between morning snow flurries and afternoon heatwaves here on the East Coast, at this point I have no idea what to expect on a daily basis anymore.

  3. Monika, if you hadn’t qualified that last sentence I could have ticked the box. We are having a wonderful Spring/Summer here, which might explain why it’s still snowing there. It’s May and I’m sitting here at night in short sleeves.
    Surely, the seasons will get themselves sorted out soon, although something tells me, we won’t be so lucky.
    xx Rowena

  4. We’re having roller coaster weather here too. Luckily no snow but we were spoiled with a few weeks of gorgeous weather and now we’ve had 5 straight days of rain and raw temperatures. It’s getting depressing.

    1. 5 straight days of rain/snow mix and this morning there’s a strange colored sky-blue! It’s so rare the sun doesn’t shine here so we’re definitely doing the happy dance. Hope the nice weather moves your way soon though I expect the boys are enjoying the cold.

  5. We have the opposite here. It’s supposed to be leading into winter but late summer wont let go. Days are are still warm and sunny and whilst that might seem ideal, it’s not if you are a farmer trying to get crops planted and there is no rain. The little bit of rain that we have had has barely wet the dry ground

  6. Oh my! That is a looooong winter you are having. I do feel a little sorry for the snowman though. It wasn’t his fault. 😉 Hope it warms up soon. We are in the 80’s here today and hoping for some rain tonight….like lapayor said – to get rid of some pollen, and the fact that we are in a rain deficit for the year. The blackberry’s are blooming, so that means we will probably have one more cold snap and then be done with it this year, I hope. (We call it blackberry winter here in E. TN.)

  7. sorry cold on the East coast too. We don’t have snow, just rain and we’re actually happy it’s here to wash the air and streets of the MASSIVE amounts of pollen this year. It’s hard to breathe from it all so rain away, climate. We are done with tulips and daffodils here. Some iris came up, not mine of course, not enough sun here. The trees all blossomed out last week hence the pollen count.
    Maybe you should go paint a spring picture, to give yourself hope. Poor Sam though, Cole went on a pee strike this winter and said he’d hold it for a month. LeeAnna

    1. hope that last sentence didn’t sound dismissive. I meant “Maybe you COULD paint a spring picture to give yourself hope” And then show it to me. LeeAnna

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