Velcro Wednesday

Since returning from Pittsburgh, I’ve been pretty much surgically attached to my mom. Sam here. If she’s watching TV, I’m next to (or on) her. If she dares fix dinner for her and dad, I’m right at her feet. I check all around as soon as I wake up to make sure she’s still there. I worry she’s gonna leave me again.


It’s mid-week and only a couple of days before the weekend when you can spend all your time with the family fur-kid. Don’t leave your baby scared.

Live, love, bark! <3

27 thoughts on “Velcro Wednesday

  1. for lily it’s normal for her to lay right in the middle of the path of where we are going back and forth. she just lays there dozing while we have to figure out where to step to get over an around her. we could tell her to move but that would be rude.

  2. We don’t understand how our people can stand to leave us while they jet off to destinations unknown. We had to spend a week at our pet prison…resort while they went to Washington. WTD?! Hang close, Sam. ♥

  3. Shadow understands how you feel, Sam, especially since Callie went to Heaven last year. She is right near me every moment that I’m home! Sometimes I have to apologize for stepping on a paw, tail, or whatever when I turn around cuz she sneaks up behind me.

  4. I like to keep Mom in full view at all times, too, S. Plus when we sleep. I make sure to lean against her the whole night. Can’t be too careful….

    Love and licks,

  5. Pittsburgh! I’m originally from the Steel City and I love going back for some great Italian food and challenging drives on those roads, haha! I hope you had a good visit. Go Steelers!! 🙂

  6. Oh Sam… she does come back… remember?
    So sweet but I know you are worried and that worries Mama.
    Monika, he’s so handsome.

  7. You and Benji have a lot in common really. I was away for five days out of the last ten and he was not a happy boy. He hardly left my side when I came home. He has started to settle down again.

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