Word(y) Wednesday

Sam here. Have you noticed any houseflies now that the weather is getting a tad warmer (despite our 6″ of snow on Saturday)? There was one in the studio the other day that provided some hilarious entertainment for mom. She said she had no idea where that nasty little bugger came from and Elsa was too busy tracking it to care. I was dreamily gazing outside at life passing by the Ranch.

Do you like ‘flying raisins?’



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53 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. I don’t know if it’s a fact or not but it seems the first house flies of the year are also are largest. Maybe it’s their sudden appearance after a few months of relief from them but when the first few make their entrance they seem to be enormous compared to the those that take flight once warmer weather settles in for good. Flying raisins for sure!

    1. You know, I think you’re right on the biggest ones at the beginning of the season. They must get a lot of exercise and whittle down trying to avoid flyswatters and chomping dogs 🐶

  2. After this, I am not sure I can eat raisins again. I did eat a fly. Years ago. I was in the kitchen talking with my mother when it flew in my mouth and down my throat. Upon seeing this, my mother said, “Amy, if you are hungry you should go across the street and your aunt will feed you.” Seriously. No, she wasn’t kidding.

  3. We have a love-hate relationship with flying raisins! We look forward to seeing the first one because they herald Spring, but after that we can’t wait for a cold snap to kill them off! BOL!

  4. Yuck! We hate them. R gets obsessed that there might be a fly landing on his hind end whenever we are someplace where there are flies. He is unable to think about anything else if flies are nearby.

    1. A guaranty for hilarity except when they catch ’em unexpectantly. That expression on their face as they try to figure out why the raisin is moving around in their mouth is priceless.

  5. We love your new header! Did you paint it?
    Our Mama finds flies to be disgusting but she likes raisins! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Thanks. It’s an app I use for photos. My watercolors take too long for me to be able to change headers! Your mama is right, those things are gross. Soon the miller moths will be here, another gross ‘raisin’ and one that must taste disgusting too, judging by the expression when the dogs catch ’em.

  6. Rita LOVES to chase flies! (Fly raisins – ha!) If she hears me swat at one, she comes flying out of the other room to “help.” I stun them, she finishes them off. We’re a good team!

    (Interesting… that first comment about the bugs congregating in the east-facing windows. I noticed the same thing here! Is that a thing?? We don’t normally have many bugs here in So Cal, but there are these little gnats this year because of all the rain – and I notice they are always in our east-facing windows. Going to have to go google that…)

    1. I wondered about the east facing comment too. I’d be curious if you find anything on it. My meager search skills didn’t produce anything about what that might be all about. 😆

  7. Heee…Sam and Elsa are like my fur kids were back in Colorado when it came to houseflies and miller moths. Endless entertainment for them, and with the flies, huge ick factor for us. They seemed to congregate in the upstairs windows on the east-facing side of the house. Blech!

  8. Shadow almost never notices them any more; but Ducky will “track” them every so often. She’s a hoot sometimes! I have seen a few mosquitoes already – UGH!

  9. I wonder that they are there immediately… we had one in my living room… we hunted that beast… but it escaped… the mama said no reason to be sad, more will come :o9 hope that’s true :O)

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