Monday Musings ~ August 7, 2023

Monday Musings

Elsa and I recently experienced a similar question when we were out on our walk. The woman was certain that Elsa was ‘some sort of Doodle’ and imagine her reaction when I replied, “no, she’s a ‘sub-Standard.’ I always get tickled when humans give me a head tilt look. That goofy response was always more accurate when I was referring to Sam, but not especially as much with Elsa. She’s many things but sub-standard is not one of them.

Here’s wishing you a better than standard week, in fact, we hope it’s 100% pure bread.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

49 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ August 7, 2023

  1. Pure bread, LOL! That woman had no idea what she was talking about. Elsa is very obviously a pure bread standard poodle.
    Schnauzers often get mixed up with Scotties by the uneducated masses. Jeff still laughs when he remembers my lecture to those who called Lexi a Scottie…I explained all the physical differences in detail!

  2. MOL MOL and we can picture the faces on your ‘serious’ sub-Standard. We’re sure Elza is giggling about that too😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to the both of you🐾😽💞

    1. My mom loves to get ‘hoomans’ to tilt their heads in confusion. She’s such a bad girl. 😆
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  3. LOL when I was walking our late Leonberger Bronco I often got the question whether he was a mix. People often thought perhaps a St. Bernard and a German Shepherd. I explained that he was a purebred, not bagel, but Leonberger. People had often never seen one.

    1. Oh jeez. I feel your pain. It slays me how people are so fixated on Doodles here in the Mile High that every dog they see with curly or fluffy hair is automatically thought to be the latest ‘flavor of the month mix. When Norman was alive most people at the hospital thought he was some kind of mix of an Irish Wolfhound. 🙄

    1. Aww, aren’t you kind. She’s big for a female and has never been what might be considered ‘dainty.’ Her conformation is really amazing. Were it not for the epilepsy, she’d have made a fabulous show dog.

    1. That term really described Sam more than Elsa. He was such a knucklehead but so doggone loveable.

  4. You made me laugh out loud. Pure bread.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Elsa. ♥

    1. That purebred thing made me giggle, too. We hope you have a super duper Monday. And thank you for linking us to your Monday post.

    1. It’s always funny in dogs but especially when a human does it. Including myself, no doubt. We hope you have a wagnificant week!

    1. Yikes, I can imagine how frustrating it is. It underscores the fact that people aren’t very educated. Have a great week.

  5. Sub-standard is a sub-standard name! Couldn’t they have come up with something more interesting that doesn’t sound “lesser than”?
    We know there is nothing Sub about her!
    Happy Monday!

    1. You’re so right. Elsa is my “still waters run deep” girl and there’s nothing sub-standard about that. Sam was such a goofball and it fit in with his personality and the fact that for a Standard, he was a tad on the small side. Elsa, however, has beautiful conformation and is large for a female. In fact she was a bit bigger than Sam. People continue to demonstrate their ignorance.

        1. I understand. Hopefully ‘pure bread’ at least brought a smile if the sub-standard portion did not. 💙

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